As of 02/01/2020 Zotter in total already sold 114.424 bars - thank you so much!

60 cents (USD) per each Chocolate Banana chocolate bar sold go to our “Chocolate for School” charity, enabling regular school attendance for Peruvian children, who are made to work at brickyards and quarries before they reach secondary school.

The fair trade and Zotter labels of course prohibit child labor, but in Peru’s impoverished northern regions, many people have to resort to sending their children to work. Our project “Chocolate for School” enables these kids to go to school on a regular basis. The most reliable way out of poverty and away from exploitation is education, and together, that’s what we can offer these children and give them a brighter future at the same time.

Zotter is strongly opposed to child labor and as long as there are children being exploited for profit, we want to help get them get an education and safeguard regular school attendance. 60 cents(USD) per each chocolate bar sold go to our children’s charity project in Peru. Children can attend school instead of having to toil at local quarries and brickyards.