The hand-scooped newbies

Josef Zotter's number one favorite creation this season is the Firewood Brandy Chocolate with toasted wood brandy, created after the barrique method! He has also created chocolate bars using power food ingredients like chia seeds to give them a satisfying crunch. And there are of course the classic flavors like our Vanilla Mousse with Honey or the new Viennese Melange coffee chocolate bar.

Labooko - single origin chocolate from Peru

We have focused our Labooko on single origin chocolate varieties, have traveled to Peru and are now happy to present rare fine cocoa delicacies from different corners of the country. We are setting a new trend by infusing these chocolate bars with pure cocoa mass to beautifully enhance their flavor profile. We also added our "Contest" bars, where you get 2 different bars in 1 package to be able to compare different origins or conching times.

Drinking chocolate 100% - chocolate espresso

This is a creamy drinking chocolate smoothie made from 100% noble Ecuadorian cocoa. It works like espresso: you can sweeten it with sugar, soften it with milk or just enjoy it.  learn more

Keep it Organic and Fair-Trade

Josef Zotter: "Chocolate can leave a very bitter aftertaste if you consider that cocoa growers work under severe conditions while others profit from the fruits of their labour. That's why we support fair trade – not because we want to use a showcase product to raise our profile, but because we are convinced that it's the right choice for our entire product range."

The independent FAIR TRADE certification guarantees that these products comply with international fair trade standards. By buying z o t t e r chocolates, you contribute to improving living and working conditions for the small-scale growers and plantation workers in the producing countries as well as to promoting environmental protection.Learn more about Zotter & Fair-Trade

100% Organic

Since 2006, the entire Zotter range including rarities like Bird's Eye Chili and Marc de Champagne is produced in ORGANIC quality. "For us it was important to not merely produce a niche product with an organic label, but to shift the entire range to organic cultivation. Since we have built on quality and regional culture right from the start and refrained from the use of preservatives, artificial flavours and similar shiny products from the chemical industry, it was a matter of consistently pursuing our organic philosophy."