2004 Zotter is awarded the "Trophée Gourmet" in the "Unusual Products" category.

2005 Trend WKO honours Zotter as "Entrepreneur of the Year."

2006 Zotter wins the "Trigos" award for socially responsible companies for its "Zeichen setzen/A future for Children" chocolate.

2006 Josef Zotter wins the "Eurochocolate Award" for "Best foreign chocolate maker" in Perugia, Italy.

2007 Zotter is awarded the "Primus 2007" prize for Styrian businesses in honour of the company’s successful comeback.

Since 2007 Greenpeace has been monitoring the retail market: Zotter products are consistently rated as "excellent" in social as well as ecological aspects – ingredients, transport, packaging, GM, animal welfare – and are sometimes the only company to achieve that score.

2008 The Zotter Chocolate Manufactory is awarded the "Trigos Steiermark" prize for its "Quality, not Poverty" project in Nicaragua.

2008 Andreas h. Gratze receives the prestigious "iF – Packaging Award" in the packaging design category.

2008 Zotter is awarded the "Best of Organic" award for its hand-ladled chocolate by the Organic Marketing Forum in Warsaw.

2009 Andreas h. Gratze and his Zotter designs are nominated for the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany.

2009 The European Commission selects Zotter as a leading SME in Austria.

2010 Zotter is invited to Harvard, the first Austrian company to be included in the prestigious American university’s curriculum as a case study.

2010 Zotter receives the "Trigos Styria" award for the "Cocoa, Not Cocaine" project. He is also awarded the "Special WIN Prize" by the Sustainability in Business initiative.

2010 Lebensart, the largest Austrian magazine for sustainable living, rates Josef Zotter as the most sustainable entrepreneur 2010.

2010 Zotter is nominated for the "Top of Styria" award by a panel of 300 jurors and comes second in the innovation category.

2010 Zotter’s Choco-Shop Theatre is awarded the "Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft – made in Styria" certificate of quality for Styrian enterprises.

2011 Zotter wins the Academy of Chocolate silver award for best bean-to-bar milk chocolate.

2011 Zotter comes third behind Lindt and Milka in the AC Nielsen Study in the price premium category.

2012 The Chocolate Manufactory is certified as a Climate Alliance Partner.

2012 Zotter is nominated for the European Business Award in the Sustainability category and makes it through to the third selection round: National Finalist. The jury panel’s decision is still pending.

2012 Zotter is rated one of the 8 best chocolate makers in the world. Georg Bernardini tested 271 companies from 38 countries and 2,700 products to write his book "Der Schokoladentester". Zotter was among the top companies and made it to global number 1 in the author’s personal favourites ranking.

In 2013, Zotter is awarded the Kennedy Award in London, for being the "Most Creative Chocolate Company".

2013 Josef Zotter becomes an ambassador for the Caritas hospice.

In 2013, Zotter receives the audience award of the Austrian Leading Companies.

In 2014, Zotter wins the International Chocolate Award (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in the category of Filled Chocolates.

2015 Zotter ranks among the Top 25 - the best chocolatiers in the world. The test included 550 brands and 4,000 products from 70 countries.

"Zotter is and will remain at the top of the world-best chocolate manufacturers and by far the most innovative chocolatier of all." (Chocolate – the reference standard 2015, p. 839)

The Top 25 are awarded 6 cocoa pods. 6 cocoa pods stand for "Extraordinary quality of all products. Extremely rare to no deviations in the outstanding quality of the products." (Chocolate – the reference standard 2015, p. 137)

Zotter is the only producer from Germany and Austria in the Top 25 and still the only one to produce solely in organic and fair-trade quality.

2015 Josef Zotter is awarded "Entrepreneur Of The Year", by the audit & consulting organisation EY at an award gala at the Hofburg in Vienna. He wins in the category of Trade & Consumer Goods.

2015 Zotter´s "Chocolate Shop" wins first price and is labelled the "Best Sweet Shop" in Styria.

2016 Zotter´s restaurant "Eco-Essbar" ranks among the most sustainable restaurants in Austria.

2016 Zotter´s nature experience restaurant "Eco-Essbar" receives the award of "child- and family-friendly restaurant 2016/2017".

2016 Zotter wins the Academy of Chocolate Award 2016 in London. Zotter submitted 17 chocolates and was awarded 2 x gold, 8 x silver and 5 x bronze, 15 times in total. A unique result for Zotter, next to top chocolatiers such as Amedei, Michel Cluizel and Demarquette.

2016 Zotter receives the "Winner of Passion“ award.

2016 Zotter is nominated for the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2016 in Monte Carlo.

2017 Zotter wins the Academy of Chocolate Award 2017 in London. Zotter was awarded 2 x silver and 3 x bronze, 5 times in total.

2017 Zotter was nominated for the Austrian Climate Protection Price

2017 Zotter wins the Bronze Award in the Category "Best Dark Chocolate" out of 200 international submissions at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle.