Hand-scooped Chocolates • Created Layer by Layer

When Josef Zotter started to create chocolate, he looked for a word to describe his vision of chocolate production: It was a mixture of inventive flair and manual labor covered by layers and chocolate coatings. Zotter was the first chocolatier to introduce the term "hand-scooped" in order to make a distinction between his and conventionally poured chocolates. The word “scoop” also represents the innovation and creativity inherent in Hand-scooped Chocolate bars. A masterly combination of ingredients produces a wide variety of singularly original chocolates.

It all starts with our homemade bean-to-bar chocolate

The chocolate is rolled out on 15 meter long tracks

A thin chocolate layer is brushed onto the entire track

The thin chocolate layer is topped with the filling

And the second filling ...

Layer by layer

One flavor requires the application of up to 6 layers

Sprinkling fruit and nuts

All the individual flavors are created by Julia and Josef Zotter

Each filling is prepared from scratch, like our delicious caramel

At the same time, on a different track ...

... a fine pumpkin seed chocolate is created

Up to 30 different flavors are made in a day

The filling is covered in a thin layer of chocolate.

The chocolate is smoothed

The long chocolate sheets are cut into bars

The fillings have to dry for 2 days

Then the bars take a chocolate bath!

The chocolate coat is applied as the last step

And the bars are finished and ready to go!

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