Contest: Peru 100% & Ecuador 100%




Dark Chocolate

2 pure 100% single origin chocolate bars, no sugar added, that explosively deploy their notes of terroir and temperamental character.

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Dark Chocolate

2 pure 100% single origin chocolate bars, no sugar added, that explosively deploy their notes of terroir and temperamental character.

Peru 100%
An award-winning pure chocolate with a 100% cocoa content using Oro Verde beans from Peru. Roasted slowly with a shorter conching time.

Conching time: 34 hrs.

Absolutely pure: Created from the mildest cocoa I have come across so far. The Naranjillo cocoa is the perfect match for a chocolate with 100% of cocoa content – you will only feel cocoa in your mouth. This is cocoa in its pure form - bitter, astringent, and absolutely exciting.

Ecuador 100%
Using pure Arriba cocoa, which only grows in Ecuador and counts, alongside the Criollo bean, among the top cocoa varieties in the world. Roasted more intensely with a longer conching time.

Conching time: 36 hrs.

Fine 100% cocoa from Ecuador – a pure mass of cocoa, powerful and wild, without any soothing sugar additives. Produced bean to bar from the renowned Arriba cocoa bean, only grown in Ecuador, which alongside the Criollo counts among the top cocoa beans in the world. A completely pure single origin chocolate, flowery-nutty, slightly spicy, a little fruity but mainly bitter and powerful. It’s pure, natural cocoa power unleashed.

Gluten freeyes
Lactose freeyes
Contains alcohol (less than 2%)no
Contains alcohol (more than 2%)no
Weight65 gram / 2.29 oz
Shelf life14 months from production date

Zotter produces individual chocolate for individual people who savour each moment. The diversified Zotter assortment is a reference to the biological variety. “The assortment is nothing but a small extract of what the cocoa bean with its countless aromatic components renders possible in terms of biological diversity.”

The inventor Josef Zotter has constantly invested in his products. He has been involved in fair trade since 2004, in 2005 his company converted to organic and in 2006 he opened his own Chocolate Factory. For this reason he is throughout Europe the only manufacturer who produces chocolates starting from the bean (bean-to-bar) exclusively in organic and fair quality!

Josef Zotter has succeeded in transforming the world of chocolates. With the hand-scooped chocolates the creative chocolate maker from Riegersburg has managed to upset our familiar view of the world of chocolate. Bacon Bits in chocolate, Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan and Apples and Carrots with Ginger surrounded by chocolate. The chocolate revolution started: novel flavour combinations, a new format, art as packaging and the transformation of delicacies into green food. In 2012 the hand-scooped chocolates were celebrating their 20th anniversary. More than 20 years of chocolate history filled with a tremendous amount of creations, crazy ideas and the rebellion against the mainstream.

Bean-to-bar – from the bean to the chocolate Since the opening of the Chocolate Factory Josef Zotter has ranked among the few quality chocolate makers around the world whose chocolate production processes are located under the same roof: From the roasting of the cocoa beans via the rolling up to the finishing touches in the conching plant everything is carried out with a high degree of sensitivity. In this way Zotter clearly positions himself against standardized mass production and the concentration of the chocolate market. In his Chocolate Factory there is no run-of-the-mill processing. The entire manufacturing process becomes transparent and tangible for visitors in the Chocolate Theatre. Zotter even was invited to the renowned Harvard University and his company is the only Austrian company included as part of the students’ curriculum as a case study.

Dark Chocolate 100%°

Ingredients: cocoa mass°
1 x Origin chocolate with cocoa beans from Peru.
1 x Origin chocolate with cocoa beans from Ecuador.
Cocoa: 100% minimum

Traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards: cocoa mass° 
Total: 100%.
°from controlled organic cultivation

May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, sugar, sesame and soy.

Nutrition Facts:

Energy kcal617kcal
Energy  kJ2546kJ
Fat 54g
of which saturates33g
of which sugar0,6g


Nutrition / 100g (calculated according to literature data)