Products listed on this page may be very close to the best before date and it can literally be within a few days of arrival. Please check the product description for the posted "best before" date. The chocolate is not automatically bad after that, but quality may decline after it.

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    Clearance-Best before May 4, 2020 Caramel Milk° A sweet bar tasting seductively of caramel bonbons. The milk is first caramelized, which gives the bar its delicious bonbon flavor. It also contains lots of precious cocoa butter, mountain milk from Austria’s Tyrol region, Muscovado sugar, which has a natural caramel flavor, and a pinch of salt.

    $4.89 $6.99 -30%
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    Clearance-Best before April 4, 2020 dark chocolate Both Criollo chocolates, which were conched for different periods of time, are characterized by a mild and elegant chocolate character. You will detect a pleasant fragrance combining notes of black tea, dried fruit and raisins. The chocolate with the...

    $5.24 $6.99 -25%
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    Clearance - Best before April 1, 2020 Raspberry Tender-melting, heavenly raspberries. A berry-red fruit bar that tastes wonderfully of fresh raspberries. No wonder, because they are almost the only ingredient, alongside fine raw cane sugar and pure cocoa butter, enhanced with just a dash of lemon and Bourbon vanilla. It’s pure fruit power!

    $5.24 $6.99 -25%
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    Clearance Milk Chocolate with apple, honey and cinnamon filling - contains alcohol Dried pieces of apple embedded in honey caramel, laid on a layer of cinnamon and white chocolate. Wrapped in milk chocolate.

    $2.50 $6.99 -$4.49