Products listed on this page may be very close to the best before date and it can literally be within a few days of arrival. Please check the product description for the posted "best before" date. The chocolate is not automatically bad after that, but quality may decline after it.

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  • 20450

    Clearance- Best before September 19, 2019 Strawberry Tender-melting strawberries: this pink fruit bar has an intense, fresh strawberry smell and flavor and it absolutely delighted renowned chocolate tester Georg Bernardini: "Extremely aromatic, fruity-tangy, excellent melt. Close to perfection." And all we need to create this...

    $4.19 $6.99 -40%
  • 20153

    Clearance- Best before October 7, 2019 Dark Chocolate + Raspberry Candy Bar RASPBERRY Tender-melting, heavenly raspberries. A berry-red fruit bar that tastes wonderfully of fresh raspberries. No wonder, because they are almost the only ingredient, alongside fine raw cane sugar and pure cocoa butter, enhanced with just a dash of lemon and...

    $5.59 $6.99 -20%
  • 20006

    Clearance- Best before October 16, 2019 dark chocolate Both Criollo chocolates, which were conched for different periods of time, are characterised by a mild and elegant chocolate character. You will detect a pleasant fragrance combining notes of black tea, dried fruit and raisins. The chocolate with the...

    $5.59 $6.99 -20%