Products listed on this page may be very close to the best before date and it can literally be within a few days of arrival. Please check the product description for the posted "best before" date. The chocolate is not automatically bad after that, but quality may decline after it.

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    Clearance - Best before April 22, 2019 Contains alcohol Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with hemp nougat and apricot ganache The Flow Choc: two stimulating and inspiring substances combined in a dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content. A layer of homemade hemp nougat made from freshly roasted hemp seeds, of course entirely THC-free, is ...

    $2.00 $6.99 -$4.99
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    Clearance - Best before May 15, 2019 A beautiful chocolate heart with raspberry filling. An exotic coconut chocolate with currant chocolate pattern and an incredible pink raspberry filling. Prettily decorated with two sweet raspberry chocolate hearts, green tea sprinkles, fragrant rose blooms and...

    $7.00 $15.99 -$8.99