Easter Trio Happy


Gift it to yourself or surprise your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or boss with a Zotter Chocolate Gift Set filled with 3 delicious Zotter chocolate bars. The bars included are listed below.


The 3 bars are packed in an ivory carton gift box with a clear cover.

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Happy Easter

Milk Chocolate filled with butter caramel cream, caramel crisps and almond praline

A sweet temptation consisting of delicately melting caramel stirred with butter that tastes fabulous. It is combined with a layer of praline, while crunchy caramel crisps are bustling in between the layers. Everything is covered with sumptuous dark milk chocolate.

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My Name is Bunny. Easter Bunny!

Dark Chocolate

Conching time: 16 hrs.
A sweet, dark single-origin chocolate created with cacao grown and harvested in the Zorzal bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic.70% of the sanctuary’s surface area has been designated always to remain wild rain forest. Enjoy this sublime Caribbean island cacao, which we turn into a dark chocolate with a 62% cacao content. It’s the sweetest contribution to nature conservation.

Fragrance notes: nutty caramel
Taste notes: very mild and sweet, chocolatey with notes of walnut, caramel, and pickled cherries

Conching time: 15 hrs.
A veritable cacao safari! A single-origin chocolate with 75% cacao from Tanzania. This fine-flavored cacao is a Trinitario, a sublime cacao variety with a very fruity aroma, created from Amelonado and Criollo cacao beans. A flavor cocktail of red fruit, berries, apples, plums, and tropical fruit, cultivated on small farms in Kokoa Kamili near a beautiful national park.
Fragrance notes: spicy gingerbread accents, notes of nuts and cream, crisp notes of fruit (citrus, cherry)
Taste notes: intense chocolatey character, accents of roasted nuts, cream, malt, and molasses, expressive fruity aroma (citrus, sour cherry), fruity-tangy finish

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For Sweet Bunnies

White Chocolate filled with honey caramel crisps

The Easter bunny loves honey just like little kids do. Lots of sweet honey flakes buzz around in a white chocolate and almond mousse covered with delicious white chocolate.

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Zotter 03 ivory gift box

A nice and beautiful gift-box which can hold 3 hand-scooped chocolates or Labookos.

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