Large Christmas Gift Set


Our large Christmas gift set! Find flavors like

With Love (Raspberry Coconut)
Crackling Christmas (Apply Pie)
Merry Christmas (Spiced Marzipan)
Marzipan Angel (Marzipan and Amond Praline)
Holy Night – Burning Bright (Roasted Almonds)
Oh Thou Joyful Day (Marc De Champagne)
Orange Marzipan
Heavenly Delight (Nut Delight)
Christmas Magic (Dark chocolate)
Quiet and Unnoticed (White chocolate and Caramel bar)
Rudolph the sweet reindeer (large Mi-Xing bar)
Christmas Star in Caramel (large Mi-Xing bar)

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"With Love"

Dark Coconut Couverture with raspberry coconut filling

Coconut milk couverture with raspberry-coconut filling – An affectionate composition made from raspberry chocolate, raspberry fruits, desiccated coconut and genuine vanilla. Lovingly covered in coconut and milk chocolate - the ultimate taste kick!

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"Crackling Christmas"

Milk Chocolate with apple, honey and cinnamon filling - contains alcohol

Pieces of dried apples in honey caramel whisper softly in a layer of cinnamon and white chocolate. Enwrapped in Mountain Milk Chocolate.

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"Marzipan Angel"

Milk Chocolate filled with almond praline and marzipan

A milk chocolate with a 50% cocoa content, filled with a tender-melting almond praline made from freshly roasted almonds, enhanced with a hint of white chocolate and topped with a second almond marzipan layer.

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Orange Marzipan

Milk Chocolate filled with marzipan and orange jelly - contains alcohol

Breathtaking: orange, the diva of desserts, flows into almond marzipan. Inspired by a few shots of orange liqueur, spread onto a butter ganache and immersed into smooth milk chocolate.

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Holy Night - Burning Bright

Milk Chocolate with almond praline and caramelised almonds

Fresh from your local Christmas market: a homemade almond praline using roasted and caramelized chopped almonds in dark milk chocolate with a 50% cocoa content, this delicacy brings back all manner of sweet, delicious and nutty taste memories from our childhood.

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Oh Thou Joyful Day

Dark Chocolate 70% with Marc de Champagne ganache - contains alcohol

Glamour choco: a classic chocolate ganache made from milk and dark chocolatesenhanced with the finest champagne distillate created by Fleury, the first cham-pagne producer in the world awarded a Demeter biodynamic certification. Of course, the only thing good enough for the offspring of a champagne dynasty is a couverture made from the finest high-percentage chocolate with a 70% cacao content and loads of character.

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Heavenly Delight

Milk Chocolate filled with nuts

The crescendo of nut aromas. Finely ground and roasted hazelnuts, stirred in dark chocolate, mixed with roughly chopped almonds and cashews, refined with cinnamon, dive into a breath-taking dark milk chocolate with an astonishing cocoa content of 60% that melts in the mouth.

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Nut Cracker

Almond & Walnut

In a magical transformation, nuts turn into praline. 2 different chocolate bars in one pack: one is home-made almond praline made from roasted and caramelised Spanish almonds and white chocolate. The other is walnut praline with added walnut pieces that have been gently roasted and caramelised in cinnamon.

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Christmas Magic

Dark chocolate

72% Belize "Sail Shipped Cacao" & 70% Uganda

Sophisticated & dark. 2 different chocolate bars in one package: one dark single origin chocolate created with the mythical Maya cacao, transported to us from Belize via sailboat, entirely emission-free. And one dark single origin chocolate made with handselected cacao from the "Mountains of the Moon" region in Uganda.

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Quiet and Unnoticed

Fine White Chocolate & Caramel Milk

White Christmas! 2 different chocolate bars in one pack: one is a white Christmas classic that melts in the mouth both delicately and sweetly, despite the icy outside temperatures. The other is a caramel milk with a nice bonbon flavour. Sweetened with natural muscovado sugar.

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Rudolph the sweet reindeer

A white chocolate disc filled with a fruity raspberry mousse and featuring a reindeer sporting a bright red nose made from a crunchy raspberry chocolate nib. Rudolph has eyes made out of marzipan, a milk chocolate head and antlers created with almond couverture. It’s decorated all over with coconut snow, crispy passion fruit and blueberry chocolate fruit and two small cranberry chocolate stars.

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Christmas Star in Caramel

A chocolate star made from a candy-sweet caramel couverture and filled with the finest pumpkin seed praline. It’s decorated with two fruity cranberry chocolate stars, crispy passion fruit and blueberry chocolate fruit, fragrant rose petals and a beautiful white and milk chocolate pattern.

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