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    Milk Chocolate filled with orange cream - contains alcohol A temptation. This Milk Chocolate creation is enfolded by orange liqueur while marinated and grated orange peel in a finely stirred butter-cream ganache provide the fruity note.

  • 16319

    Milk Chocolate filled with gray poppy cream, walnut praline and cinnamon Gray Poppy with Walnuts and Cinnamon Cinnamon; slumbers as a thin layer within the chocolate and encases the caramelized gray poppy seeds, explodes on the palate. Homemade walnut nougat melts, while the gray poppy seed flavor emerges. Austrian art in milk chocolate..

  • 16404

    Milk Chocolate filled with apricot ganache and marzipan - contains alcohol An homage to the famous apricot tree gardens of Lower Austria’s Wachau region: a fruity apricot layer, enhanced with apricot brandy, gently sitting on a layer of marzipan, seasoned with a generous dash of apricot brandy and of course some pure apricots. A bit of a boozy mixture...

  • 20418

    dark chocolate° A single origin chocolate with 90% cocoa and 10% cane sugar for all those who like clear lines and don’t do compromises. It’s created with cocoa from the cooperative El Ceibo – which is only available in very small batches. We travelled to Bolivia, met up with the cocoa farmers and were given this unique cocoa. A rare cocoa privilege!

  • 16286

    Dark Milk Chocolate filled with hazelnut praline and almond brittle A smash hit: different layers of almond and hazelnut praline in combination with the crunchiness of brittle layers in between. Everything is surrounded by a racy milk chocolate with 60% of cocoa content.

  • 16112

    Dark Chocolate 70% with Marc de Champagne ganache - contains alcohol Glamour choco: a classic chocolate ganache made from milk and dark chocolates enhanced with the finest champagne distillate created by Fleury, the first champagne producer in the world awarded a Demeter biodynamic certification. Of course, the...

  • 20433

    Caramel Milk° A sweet bar tasting seductively of caramel bonbons. The milk is first caramelized, which gives the bar its delicious bonbon flavor. It also contains lots of precious cocoa butter, mountain milk from Austria’s Tyrol region, Muscovado sugar, which has a natural caramel flavor, and a pinch of salt.

  • 20477

    Milk Chocolate "The best milk chocolate in the world", was the verdict by renowned chocolate tester Georg Bernardini. "Zotter achieves first place in the milk chocolate category with this very balanced chocolate, which isn’t sweet but also not too bitter and presents with a fabulous melt. A veritable masterpiece."

  • 16519

    Chestnut milk chocolate filled with chestnut mousse A fine chestnut puree, tender-melting almond praline, honey, Amaretto and a generous dash of rum combine to make a seductive filling, covered with a combination of homemade sweet chestnut couverture and milk chocolate with 40% cocoa power.

  • 20152

    Strawberry Candy Bar + Milk Chocolate STRAWBERRY Tender-melting strawberries: this pink fruit bar has an intense, fresh strawberry smell and flavor and it absolutely delighted renowned chocolate tester Georg Bernardini: “Extremely aromatic, fruity-tangy, excell...

  • 20562

    Raspberry - Coconut Exotic, fruity and entirely vegan: a genius creation by Julia Zotter, mixed from a white coconut couverture and many many raspberries. Its stunning color and yummy flavor are derived entirely from berries and toasted coconut flakes. It’s enhanced with a dash of lemon and finished by blending it with a tender-melting, pure cocoa butter.

  • 16552

    Milk Chocolate with pine nut marzipan and orange ganache - contains alcohol For marzipan lovers: Zotter's homemade marzipan, with pine nuts added. Into this exquisite, nutty marzipan, we swirl a fruity orange butter ganache enhanced with a dash of orange liqueur. The bar is framed with a wafer-thin white chocolate layer, and covered with a 50% dark milk...

  • 18605

    50% Milk Chocolate with Date Sugar a milk chocolate with 50% cacao content, milk from the Tyrolean Alps, and date sugar--the new shooting star among cane-sugar alternatives. Date sugar is made from dried, ground dates, and is as sweet as brown sugar, with mild notes of caramel.

  • 20442

    Zotter Coffee A marvellously fragrant coffee bar created by roasting Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, Mexico and Peru at our in-house roastery. We combine the freshly ground coffee with cocoa, tender-melting, pure cocoa butter and cane sugar and turn this delicious blend into a sweet bar with a magnificent coffee fragrance and a nutty flavor. A...

  • 20452

    Raspberry Tender-melting, heavenly raspberries. A berry-red fruit bar that tastes wonderfully of fresh raspberries. No wonder, because they are almost the only ingredient, alongside fine raw cane sugar and pure cocoa butter, enhanced with just a dash of lemon and Bourbon vanilla. It’s pure fruit power!

  • 16379

    Milk Chocolate filled with white chocolate ganache and caramelized blue poppyseed Simply switch off and enjoy: a light milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 40%, filled with a white chocolate ganache, which has been refined with a fine vanilla note and small, caramelized poppyseeds, which come directly from an escapist region in the North of Austria

  • 16403

    Dark Milk Chocolate filled with cheese ganache, walnut praline and raisins – contains alcohol A Zotter classic: a cheesy ganache using soft cheese by our neighboring cheese artisans, enhanced with small, boozy grappa raisins, on a bed of tender-nutty walnut praline, and covered with high-percentage milk chocolate boasting a 60% cocoa content.

  • 20553

    dark chocolate It’s like that village in Gaul. It’s about independence, fairness and environmental protection. Away from the large plantations and supported by gebana, in fields between 0,25 and 1,5 hectares in size, the first organic, fairtrade cocoa in Togo is being cultivated. A small revolution on the African continent and one of our passion projects!

  • 16504

    Dark Chocolate filled with peanut praline and whole peanuts Peanut party: whole peanuts, roasted and lightly salted, dunked in a homemade, airy peanut praline created from peanuts and pure cocoa butter, accompanied by a hint of white chocolate and covered in dark, fine flavor chocolate with classic 70% cocoa. A chocolate that would sweeten even Charlie...

  • 16356

    Dark Chocolate 70% filled with currant ganache and chili The rock number for all those with a sweet tooth has a satisfaction effect: A tangy-fruity berry ganache with currant juice, currant chocolate and a bit of white chocolate. A slight tingle is provided by the thin dark chocolate layer which vibrates with chili. Dipped into a fine dark chocolate.: 

  • 10935

    A nice and beautiful gift-box which can hold 2 hand-scooped chocolates or Labookos.

  • 20584

    dark chocolate° Conching time: 15 hrs. A veritable cocoa safari! A single origin chocolate with 75% cocoa from Tanzania. This fine flavor cocoa is a Trinitario, a sublime cocoa variety with a very fruity aroma, created from Amelonado and Criollo cocoa beans. A flavor cocktail of red fruit, berries, apples, plums and tropical fruit, cultivated on...

  • 20524

    dark chocolate Cocoa from Madagascar is extremely in demand. There is only one place in the country where cocoa is grown – the legendary Sambirano valley. We have visited the cocoa farmers there and shot some footage of them. At our chocolate theatre, you can now put on a pair of VR goggles and dive into the cocoa jungle of Madagascar.

  • 20527

    dark chocolate Contest: 2 dark single origin chocolate bars, made from the finest cocoa, which is cultivated in the jungles of South America by indigenous farmers. You can't get any more original than this...