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Zotter chocolates stand for quality, variety, creativity, sustainability and are 100% organic and fair-trade. Zotter Chocolate is amongst the best chocolate producers in the world and is internationally considered one of the most innovative chocolate producers and trendsetters of the sector. If you sign up, you will get a 10% off Voucher for your first order.

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Zotter Chocolate is about fun and creative flavors, always made 100% organic with fair traded ingredients from bean to bar.

Since the opening of the Chocolate Factory Josef Zotter has ranked among the few quality chocolate makers around the world whose chocolate production processes are located under the same roof:

From the roasting of the cocoa beans via the rolling up to the finishing touches in the conching plant everything is carried out with a high degree of sensitivity.

In this way Zotter clearly positions himself against standardized mass production and the concentration of the chocolate market. In his Chocolate Factory there is no run-of-the-mill processing. The entire manufacturing process becomes transparent and tangible for visitors in the Chocolate Theatre in Austria

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  • 20555

    Dark Chocolate | Conching time: 9 hrs. • FMR (Fine Mist Roasting) La selección: Arriba Nacional – the famous fine flavor cocoa which only grows in Ecuador and has a very special floral aroma represents a super-selection by the SEVERSAL family business. This is the best of the best, a special selection directly from the....

  • 16485

    Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with marzipan and coconut nougat Sweet Dreams: a fine almond marzipan, combined with a crispy coconut nougat layer with roasted coconut flakes. Enveloped in dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content. A sweet and completely vegan creation!

  • 16477

    Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with hemp cream The power pack: hemp nougat with caramelized hemp seeds full of energy. On top sits a thin layer of white coconut couverture and it’s covered by dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content. Completely vegan and so delicious!

  • 16476

    Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with hazelnut nougat and hazelnut brittle A tender-melting hazelnut nougat made from many dark roasted hazelnuts and pure cocoa butter enhanced with crunchy hazelnut brittle, Bourbon vanilla and cinnamon. Covered in dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content and lots of character. Completely vegan!

  • 16472

    Contains alcohol Mountain Milk Chocolate filled with lemon cream The British lemon way: the lemons are melting! A milk chocolate filled with a tender-melting lemon butter ganache, homemade by mixing a typically English lemon curd, white chocolate, butter, a dash of grappa and a bit of lime juice. Covered in a very thin, dark chocolate cover and then...

  • 16470

    Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with lingonberry ganache, peanut nougat and salt A dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content filled with a peanut nougat and a crunchy peanut brittle, enhanced with a tingly mix of salt and chili. It’s accompanied by a second fruity lingonberry ganache made from candied lingonberries and white chocolate.

  • 16466

    Contains alcohol Dark Milk Chocolate filled with gin ganache and lemon cream High trend: the O.Gin by Farthofer flows into a dark chocolate ganache. This is combined with a zingy and refreshing lemon ganache made from a high-percent...

  • 20562

    Exotic, fruity and entirely vegan: a genius creation by Julia Zotter, mixed from a white coconut couverture and many, many raspberries. Its stunning color and yummy flavor are derived entirely from berries and coconut flakes. It’s enhanced with a dash of lemon and finished by blending it with a tender-melting, pure cocoa butter

  • 20560

    Dark Chocolate | Conching time: 19 hours Ahoy! Cocoa sets sail: this cocoa was transported from Nicaragua to Hamburg on a sailing vessel. For the first time in 20 years, a sailing cargo ship landed in Hamburg’s port, and with our cocoa on board, having completed an entirely emission-free and sustainable voyage, guarded by the crews of Brigantes and...

  • 20561

    Dark Chocolate | Conching time: 9 hours • FMR (Fine Mist Roasting) This dark single origin chocolate is made with cocoa from the Congo’s Mountains of the Moon. 1000 small farmers cultivate organic, fair-trade cocoa on the hillsides of this mythical mountain range. We use specially selected, large cocoa beans – they call them Selection Noir de Noir. A...

  • 20558

    Dark Chocolate | Conching time: 5 hours • FMR (Fine Mist Roasting) In Peru’s Piura valley, a very rare vintage cocoa grows around the little village of Malingas. It is distinctly related to Ecuador’s Arriba cocoa bean, but presents a milder, fruitier aroma with a flavour of red berries, lemon and passionfruit...

  • 20559

    Dark Chocolate | Conching time: 11 hrs. A single origin chocolate with a fruity note, made with fine flavour cocoa from Para, where Julia Zotter spent an entire summer with a family of cocoa farmers...

  • 20557

    Dark Chocolate | Conching time: 10 hrs. • FMR (Fine Mist Roasting) Our 2017 vintage, created with that year’s very best fine flavor cocoa varieties, which we dry-age for an entire year in order to let the cocoa’s aroma fully develop. Experience a superb blend with rare cocoa varieties from five different countries: Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru and the...


At ZOTTER CHOCOLATES we rely on diversity, quality, creativity and sustainability