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Zotter chocolates stand for quality, variety, creativity, sustainability and are 100% organic and fair-trade. Zotter Chocolate is amongst the best chocolate producers in the world and is internationally considered one of the most innovative chocolate producers and trendsetters of the sector. If you sign up, you will get a 10% off Voucher for your first order.

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Zotter Chocolate is about fun and creative flavors, always made 100% organic with fair traded ingredients from bean to bar.

Since the opening of the Chocolate Factory Josef Zotter has ranked among the few quality chocolate makers around the world whose chocolate production processes are located under the same roof:

From the roasting of the cocoa beans via the rolling up to the finishing touches in the conching plant everything is carried out with a high degree of sensitivity.

In this way Zotter clearly positions himself against standardized mass production and the concentration of the chocolate market. In his Chocolate Factory there is no run-of-the-mill processing. The entire manufacturing process becomes transparent and tangible for visitors in the Chocolate Theatre in Austria

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At ZOTTER CHOCOLATES we rely on diversity, quality, creativity and sustainability