Hand-scooped Chocolates • Created Layer by Layer

When Josef Zotter started to create chocolate, he looked for a word to describe his vision of chocolate production: It was a mixture of inventive flair and manual labor covered by layers and chocolate coatings. Zotter was the first chocolatier to introduce the term “hand-scooped” in order to make a distinction between his and conventionally poured chocolates. The word “scoop” also represents the innovation and creativity inherent in Hand-scooped vegan Chocolate bars. A masterly combination of ingredients produces a wide variety of singularly original chocolates.

The term “hand-scooped” is a direct translation from the German “Handgeschöpft,” a concept Josef Zotter introduced more than 30 years ago in Austria. This phrase combines “hand” and “schöpfen,” which signifies much more than a mere physical process. Indeed, it involves pouring chocolate onto tables using large scoops manually—hence, “hand-scooped.” However, “schöpfen” also conveys the notion of creation, innovation, and the birth of new ideas. It encapsulates being inventive and crafting something unique. Interestingly, the German word for “The Creator” is “Der Schöpfer,” sharing its root with “schöpfen.” This linguistic connection underscores the creative and artisanal spirit behind Zotter Chocolates’ hand-scooped bars, emphasizing the blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative chocolate-making.

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*All our products containing dairy don’t carry the USDA Organic Seal anymore, as there is an exemption in the organic equivalency agreement between the U.S. and the EU when it comes to the use of antibiotics. While in the US an animal which has been treated with antibiotics cannot be used in the production ever again, the EU allows a certain wait time until the animal can be used again for the production of dairy. It still means our products are 100% organic certified in the EU, but they are not in the US. All our vegan, dairy free products are also 100% USDA organic certified. Each product page has more detailed information on the ingredients tab.