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Print file: PDF
Resolution: print quality with a minimum resolution of 300dpi
Type: if possible, create outlines
Color mode: print files have to be in CMYK, i.e. 4C colour mode or greyscale. Anything deviating from this standard will lead to colour discrepancies in the printed product.
Data format/bleed: 3 mm added bleed including crop lines

Your edition • your personalised packaging

Personal gifts are always a hit!

Personalized chocolates are ideal as a delicious gift, giveaway or a very special business card for all occasions. At Zotter, you can design your own individual chocolate edition. If your sweet message corresponds with the recipient’s taste, it’s an effective and very classy gesture. You create your design and we deliver the product.

Our service: batch delivery/storage

You can have large amounts of wrappers printed and then order chocolates in smaller batches with us, according to your requirements.
We can store the wrappers for you for up to 2 years, but we produce the chocolates fresh for each batch delivery, so they have a longer shelf life.
Payment is due immediately upon order for the printed wrappers; the invoice for the chocolates will be sent to you after each batch delivery.

    Approximate turnaround time from the date we received the print design, is about 6 weeks.