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Chocolate With No Added Soy- Buy Chocolate Without Soy Lecithin

This is a list of our chocolates with no soy as an ingredient. Please note, that we process soy in our factory and traces of soy can be possible.

Why is there Soy Lecithin in some of our chocolate?

Soy lecithin fulfills a function as an emulsifier in our chocolate and is important for viscosity. Sunflower lecithin is also available for soy allergy sufferers, but it is not so easy (or for us in sufficient quantities) to get it in organic quality. And that is absolutely essential, as we only use 100% organic ingredients. However, we assume that this is only a matter of time and that we will be able to get the quantities we need for our chocolates.

As for the amount of soy lecithin in the individual chocolates, we generally do not use more than 0.5%. In the case of milk chocolates, soy lecithin is only used in varieties with 40% cocoa content or less. There is no lecithin in our solid dark chocolate bars. Please review the ingredients list of the individual products if you want to be certain that lecithin has been used. If you are looking for dairy and soy-free chocolate, we are your one-stop destination.