The Zotter Chocolates categories explained

Zotter is a chocolate brand from Austria and at the family owned-run business in Bergl, Styria (that’s in the southern part of Austria) the family and 200 employees create roughly 600 different chocolate products.

Here in the U.S. we carry between 150-170 different bars depending on the season and we keep adding new items every year in fall as we grow.

Here is an overview about the different categories we carry:

Hand-Scooped Chocolate

When Josef Zotter started to create chocolate, he looked for a word to describe his vision of chocolate production: It was a mixture of inventive flair and manual labor covered by layers and chocolate coatings. Zotter was the first chocolatier to introduce the term “hand-scooped” in order to make a distinction between his and conventionally poured chocolates. The word “scoop” also represents the innovation and creativity inherent in Hand-scooped Chocolate bars. A masterly combination of ingredients produces a wide variety of singularly original chocolates. Find a deeper insight here at The Making-Of Hand-Scooped Chocolate

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Single origin chocolates, fruit bars and many more…

In the Labooko line we present premium cocoa from the best cocoa regions of the world. Each chocolate contains a cocoa rarity with its own history: be it Mayan cocoa from Belize or Peruvian cocoa, which is cultivated by indigenous in the middle of the rain forest and secures the traditional life of the tribes. In addition to that, there are also lots of colorful fruit chocolates, whose great colors and tastes come all naturally from the fruits they contain, as well as a large selection of vegan chocolate creations.

We buy all raw materials in fair trade and organic quality and process them directly in-house, bean-to-bar. We roast, grind, roll and conche with great precision and develop individually processed chocolates for you.

Labooko – bean to bar creation of a single origin chocolate

Each single origin chocolate bar contains noble and rare cocoa beans from the best cocoa growing regions in the world. Each variety of cocoa has its own flavor profile, which we aim to tease out. The entire process – the roasting, the milling, the rolling out and even the conching time – is fine-tuned for each bean variety in order to best bring out its individual character and origin. We’ve also set a new trend by applying pure cocoa mass infusions at the very end of the production process to further enhance the chocolate’s cocoa flavor profile and make it even more distinctive.

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Delightful balls rolled in chocolate.
Dried fruit and roasted nuts rolled in chocolate, praline or colorful fruit couverture. Best enjoyed by letting them melt on your palate first and then slowly savoring them. This way, the little ballero will turn out to be a veritable flavor miracle. Experience the switch from tender-melting chocolate shell to the crunchy insides. Available in a pure flavor or as a diverse snack mix with a variety of flavors.
Made chocolatey all over with a shiny chocolate shell.
The fun snack with style!

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Drinking Chocolate

Xocolatl was the liquid gold of the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Josef Zotter revitalizes the origin of the chocolate culture and composes innovative variations of drinking chocolates that bathe in hot milk in the form of small chocolate bars. The hot drinks are available in many varieties and colors. And in summer one can also enjoy the drinking chocolates on ice, as cold drinks. We offer pretty drinking sets for the perfect presentation.

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Squaring The Circle

With our Squaring the Circle range, we are proud to present chocolates featuring today’s brand-new sugar trends.
Squaring the circle isn’t possible with a normal drawing compass and a ruler, but even 2.000 years ago, Archimedes solved this problem with his own mathematical formulas. The Squaring of the Circle range shows us not restricting ourselves to cacao and sugar but instead exploring new sugar trends from exciting sugar alternatives like trendy date sugar, maple sugar, or coconut blossom sugar.
Squaring of the circle represents the impossible, but just like in modern mathematics beyond compass and ruler, our own science of chocomatics proves that there are a multitude of solutions. This enables us to develop many new chocolates, all revolving around the hot topic of sugar.

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Enjoy fine dark chocolate with lemon flavor, milk chocolate with notes of raspberries, dark chocolate enhanced with sour cherries and more. The chocolate with a delicious, fruity edge! In trade vernacular, melting together chocolate and fruit is called an infusion, which subsequently leads to an aroma explosion. Cacao naturally possesses enormously varied flavor bouquets. More than 600 are known at this point, most of them fruit or citrus aromas. And we’re now strengthening our cacao’s natural aroma profile with fruit. Experience dark and milk chocolates accompanied by raspberries, oranges, cherries, cranberries and blackcurrants. The new classics with an indulgent fruity flavor.

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Pure, in classic flavors: white, milk, caramel, hazelnut, almond and dark chocolate. Their secret lies entirely in supreme quality ingredients and their creation in Zotter’s chocolate factory. Of course the classics are all organic and fair. Do something good for the environment, our farmers and yourself!

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Cheery & Nuts

Colorful, homemade fruit couvertures on the outside, created by us fruit-to-bar using fruit, berries, raw cane sugar and pure cocoa butter; exquisite homemade pralines on the inside, also produced nut-to-bar by us, using freshly roasted nuts, pure cocoa butter and a little bit of chocolate. You can really taste the sublime nut quality and the high nut content. All is enhanced to a crunch with lots of chopped nuts. For fans of melting fruit and nuts. However, there isn’t a rule without an exception, and so we’re also offering our caramel and peanut duo.

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