Personal edition

Personal gifts are always well-received! Personalized chocolates may serve as a suitable gift and give-away or a special type of business card for all occasions. At Zotter you will now have the occasion to brand your own chocolate edition. If the message appeals to the taste of the receiver, this gives proof to your style and creates an effect. We supply the product and you decide about the look.

Business Editions

Some ideas of business editions

Our Editions are made with hand-scooped chocolates

The original from z o t t e r. With their wonderful flavour compositions, the hand-scooped chocolates have become cult. Seductive layers of filling are piled up, covered with home-made chocolate coating that matches the filling, and fuse together to an always spectacular taste experience.

Wedding Editions

Some ideas of wedding editions

Sweeten your dream wedding with an unforgettable, personal wedding chocolate. Simply select your favorite chocolate and a wedding motif. Of course you can also make your wedding chocolate design completely free with your own design. We take care of everything else and you get the ready packed chocolates shipped to your location.

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