Quick facts

  • Zotter stand for quality, variety, creativity, sustainability

  • 100% Organic, Fair-Trade and Bean-to-Bar

  • Organic Certificate

  • Fair Trade Certificate

  • Internationally considered one of the most innovative chocolate makers and trendsetters in the industry

  • We carry around 150 different chocolate varieties in the US, depending on which season.

  • Zotter Chocolates is recognized among the top 25 best chocolate producers in the world according to the Chocolate Tester Georg Bernardini.

  • 2017 Zotter was celebrating 30 years in business!

  • Winner of international awards - like 15 awards 2016, 5 awards 2017 and 11 awards 2018 at The Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, and Bronze in the category “Best Dark Chocolate” out of 200 international entries at the NW Chocolate Festival in Seattle in November 2017

  • Country of origin of our products is Austria. We ship from our US subsidiary in Cape Coral, FL

  • Plus, each bar of chocolate is a work of art - thanks to Zotter’s genius artist -Andreas H. Gratze.

Made in Austria - directly distributed from Florida within the US

As the US Subsidiary, we are responsible for import, FDA compliance and distribution to our valued customers and wholesale clients. Over the years we were able to gain experience in nationwide shipping and distribute our chocolate to all states of the US.


Picture from our factory in Austria.


We love variety. Nature shows us how beautiful and surprising variety is. More than 400 different chocolates are produced in our chocolate manufacture in Riegersburg (Styria, Austria). From way-out to classic. We celebrate individual taste with extravagant varieties such as "Coffee Toffee", "Bacon Bits", " Lemon Curd + Orange Lord", "Balsamic Orange", "Cherries in Almonds"  and hit creations such as "RedCurrant Chilli Rock".


According to an international chocolate test, Zotter ranks amongst the best chocolate makers in the world. Our small manufacture, which was once provisionally set up in my parents' stable, has grown into a centre of competence for chocolate. We create our chocolates in-house, bean-to-bar, and employ a team of 160 dedicated employees.


By now, our hand-scooped chocolates enjoy cult status. At Zotter, everything is possible: cheese chocolate, fish chocolate, mass wine and incense chocolate and now the sweet variation of hummus. Each year, lots of new varieties are added to our product range. But what would our chocolates be without the fascinating illustrations of Andreas h. Gratze, a.k.a. AHG? With his art design he turns a simple wrapper into art.


We produce everything in organic and fair-trade quality because we care about what happens to the people and the environment. We deliberately work with small farmers, visit our cocoa farmers and also invite them to our manufacture. Because quality begins with the raw material and cultivation on-site and depends on good cooperation. Aside from organic and fair-trade, we are now also EMAS certified. This certification specifically focuses on the environmental protection of the entire company, which has been rated as exemplary.


We have opened a second Choco Shop Theatre in Shanghai and export our chocolates, together with the ”environmental idea”, to China, to get the 23 million inhabitants of the booming metropolis excited about organic and fairly traded chocolates from Austria. Our daughter Julia (27) runs the ”world of experience”, that is by now a very popular place.

In 2015 we started our business in the US, serving our Customers directly from Cape Coral, FL. We are excited to bring our Products to the American people because we know about their love to honest, delicious and high quality chocolate.

Quote: Josef Zotter, Founder and Owner of "Zotter Schokoladenmanufaktur GmbH" in Bergl, Austria.