Gift set: Zotter 03 Happy Father’s Day


Treat Dad to a delightful Father’s Day Chocolate Gift set featuring three distinct Zotter Chocolate bars, each packed with rich flavors and artisanal craftsmanship.

Three exciting Zotter hand-scooped flavors in a beautiful gift box with a clear cover!

Included bars are listed below. For a detailed description of each bar, please click on it.

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For The Best Dad In The World!

Dark Chocolate 70% filled with whisky cream - contains alcohol

Elegant & dominant: David Gölles’ Styrian whisky has a starring role in a chocolate ganache made with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and a bit of caramel couverture. This elegant, powerful whisky, distilled from regional spelt and matured for years in oak barrels, has a beautiful spice and sophisticated notes of grain on the palate alongside echoes of vanilla and roast aromas of chocolate and coffee. The perfect chocolate buzz, covered in delicious dark chocolate.


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Bacon Bits

Dark Milk Chocolate filled with hazelnut nougat and bacon cracklings

Dark Milk Chocolate filled with hazelnut praline and bacon cracklings – Contest of nutty flavors. Cracklings, which are roasted until crispy and then caramelized, develop a unique nutty flavor. Hazelnut praline vies with the...

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"With Love"

Dark Coconut Couverture with raspberry coconut filling

Coconut milk couverture with raspberry-coconut filling – An affectionate composition made from raspberry chocolate, raspberry fruits, desiccated coconut and genuine vanilla. Lovingly covered in coconut and milk chocolate - the ultimate taste kick!

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Zotter 03 ivory gift box

A nice and beautiful gift-box which can hold 3 hand-scooped chocolates or Labookos.

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