The Irresistible Zotter 3-Pack


In a world of hundreds of choices – this pack introduces you to the world of Zotter Chocolates! Get 3 of or top rated bars once for an irresistible price!

Price listed includes 3 bars at $8.49 each + $12.99 shipping, a total of $38.46 incl. shipping,

Get these 3 bars for $19.90 and this includes fast and temperature-protected shipping! This is a one time offer!*

*attempts of multiple orders will be canceled and refunded.


Milk Chocolate filled with butter caramel cream, caramel crisps and almond praline

A sweet temptation consisting of delicately melting caramel stirred with butter that tastes fabulous. It is combined with a layer of praline, while crunchy caramel crisps are bustling in between the layers. Everything is covered with sumptuous dark milk chocolate.

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Dark Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate 70% filled with chocolate mousse

Incredibly chocolatey and tender-melting. A soft mousse filling with a high- percentage dark chocolate boasting an intense 80% cacao content, it melts imme-diately while bursting with chocolate aromas. It’s covered with a classic dark chocolate with 70% cacao power. Gentle and sweet on the outside and intense on the inside – pure chocolate indulgence!

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Amarena Cherry

Milk Chocolate filled with Amarena cherry mousse

In an Amarena-Macarena mood: a fruity Amarena cherry filling with little chunks of Amarena cherries that we’ve let steep for a while at our own pastry kitchen, enhanced with a cherry couverture, a bit of marzipan and genuine vanilla and covered in a wafer-thin layer of white chocolate and...

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