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Hand-scooped chocolate bars are created layer by layer

Josef Zotter invented the hand-scooped chocolate, constructed in layers by hand. The word “scoop” also represents the innovation and creativity inherent in hand-scooped chocolate bars. A masterly combination of ingredients produces a wide variety of singularly original chocolates.

Our bean to bar chocolate, created in-house, is spread and rolled out very thinly on 15 meter tracks while at the same time, assorted fine fillings and ganaches are prepared using over 400 organic ingredients. As soon as the chocolate has cooled down, it is topped with the filling. Before the next layer is applied, it has to rest. Depending on the recipe, this process will be repeated several times. Sometimes roasted nuts, rum-soaked raisins or fruity chocolate flakes are scattered over the layers. Lastly, a thin chocolate coating is spread on top and then, this gigantic piece of chocolate is cut into our classic 70g Zotter bars.

The filling will sit for another day or two until it is finally allowed to take a chocolate bath: it is covered top to bottom with chocolate to give it our characteristic chocolate coating and then travels to the cooling tunnel and from there straight to the wrapping station where Andreas H. Gratze’s beautiful drawings await to envelop each individual bar.

70 g bar
Shelf life: 5 months from production date