New flavors pack: Season 2023/2024


Discover the new flavors of the new chocolate season 2023/2024. This set comes in a Zotter branded gift box at a discounted price.

Explore 10 different varieties of Zotter Chocolate. All made with fair traded and organic ingredients. Made with love from scratch by our chocolate artisans in the Zotter factory in Bergl, Austria.

The products included are listed below.

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Gin & Lemon

Dark milk chocolate 60% filled with gin ganache and lemon cream – contains alcohol

The trendy choice: J.K. Rowling and John Travolta appreciate Gin, and Gölles produces a quality one. The Hands On Gin is made solely from white rum, junipers, blackcurrants, coriander, lemongrass, and a touch of orange zest. It infuses a delicious dark chocolate ganache, which provides a perfect base for the distinct juniper and orange flavors to develop. It combines a tangy lemon ganache made with white chocolate, lemons and a homemade bitter lemonade with vermouth. Encased in dark milk chocolate with a 60% cacao content.

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Praline + Cookies

Milk chocolate 50% with almond hazelnut praline and almond cookies

Crispy cookie chocolate: a milk chocolate with a 50% cacao content, filled with a tender-melting praline made from a combination of plain and caramelized almonds and hazelnuts. It is finished with a layer of crunchy almond cookies on top.

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Dark chocolate 70% filled with cranberry ganache

Our first vegan fruit filling: a sublime, fragrant, and intensely fruity cranberry mousse with a bright pink color. It is created using vegan cranberry couverture, white rice couverture, and a generous amount of cranberries. The mousse has a smooth and tender texture, and a joyful, tangy cranberry flavor. It is covered in a dark chocolate with a 70% cacao content. Completely vegan.

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Candied Almonds

Milk chocolate 50% with almond praline and almond brittle

A filling made with homemade almond praline enhanced with white chocolate. It is combined with an almond brittle made from freshly caramelized burnt almonds,
resulting in a delightful crunch. The entire treat is coated in fine milk chocolate with a 50% cacao content.

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Strawberry Pistachio

Milk Chocolate 50% filled strawberry marzipan and pistachio almond praline

The chocolate flirt: a fruity strawberry layer, made with plenty of strawberries and soft marzipan, is placed on a tender and tender-melting almond praline. It is enhanced with a touch of white chocolate and some chopped pistachios. This chocolate will lift your mood, just like that summer anthem you keep humming all season. It's dipped in milk chocolate with a 50% cacao content.

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Whiskey + Caramel + Pecan

Dark chocolate 70% filled with whiskey caramel ganache and pecan praline - contains alcohol

A bar to relish slowly: the Whisky leaves a distinct flavor and underlines the dry, acidulous taste of the dark chocolate with its smoky aromas. A perfect combination completely in line with the Scottish tradition.

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Rum Coconut

Dark chocolate 70% filled with coconut ganache and rum cream - contains alcohol

A tropical dream: a bar of refreshing, vegan chocolate. Brown rum adds an excellent flavor to a rich dark chocolate ganache. It is accompanied by a light coconut
layer made from almond praline, coconut couverture, coconut milk, a hint of pineapple juice, and crunchy coconut flakes. The whole treat is coated in additional
dark chocolate with a 70% cacao content. Tropical and vegan!

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Cheese and Mango Chutney

Dark milk chocolate 60% filled with cheese ganache and mango cream – contains alcohol

A fruity and savory-sweet cheese chocolate: a sweet cheese ganache made with soft cheese, homemade walnut praline, a touch of grappa, and combined with a mango chutney layer created using Preda mangos, lime juice, Zotter Muscaris wine, and a generous blend of spices. It is all coated in delicious milk chocolate with a 60% cacao content.

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White Chocolate and Almonds

A white chocolate without an overwhelming sweetness but with an intense milky character, created with aromatic, organic Milk from the Alps, some genuine vanilla, and pure cocoa butter. The sugar is partially substituted by almonds, ground so finely that their texture isn’t noticeable. What remains is an elegant and subtle almondy sweetness.

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72% Opus 5 (2023 Edition)

Opus 5 Cuvée dark chocolate 72%

Conching time: 20 hrs.

Island hopping: experience a top cuvée created with rare cacao varieties from five different countries: Madagascar, São Tomé, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Belize. This cuvée embodies island cacao with a Caribbean flair and a harmonious and at the same time incredibly exciting aroma profile. Each cacao variety is individually roasted, and all of them combine to produce a cacao cuvée with a holiday feeling.

Our new vintage cuvée - is crafted with five single-origin cacao varieties, expertly combined to create this harmonious delicacy. It offers a uniquely exciting flavor aroma spectrum, making it a world first in this manifestation. The intense fragrance and flavor of speculoos, spices, and citrus fruit take center stage. In the nose, you'll experience especially festive accents of spiced shortbread and almond marzipan, enhanced by strong notes of orange and lime. On the palate, you'll initially perceive a mildly roasted flavor of biscuits, almonds, and cream, which eventually culminates in a spritz citrus fruit aroma (oranges, limes, and grapefruit) with herbal and mildly spicy characteristics. The finish gracefully fades into subtly roast accents and gentle notes of wood.

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