Gift set: “Hand-scooped Having FUN and EXPERIMENTING”


An exciting collection of eight Zotter hand-scooped bars, in organic and fair quality, created for fun and experimenting!

Includes 2 beautiful Zotter gift boxes with a clear cover and free shipping.

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Chocolate Banana "Madagascar"

Milk Chocolate filled with banana ganache

A milk chocolate created with cocoa from Uganda with a fruity-sweet filling made from bananas, milk, honey and a dash of lemon topped with a wafer-thin layer of raspberry couverture, which is bright fruity-red and has a very berry flavor.

50 cents of each chocolate sold goes to the amazing »Chocolate for School« project in Madagascar, which finances school lunches for 770 children aged between 6 and 15. Many of the local families only send their kids to school so they get a warm lunch. That way, these children can fill their bellies and also get an education and the opportunity for a brighter future. It’s a cooperation with the “Jugend Eine Welt” charity. Learn more at


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Stress Stopper

Milk Chocolate filled with white chocolate ganache and almond praline with caramelized blue poppy seed

Simply switch off and enjoy: a sweet bonbon ganache made from white chocolate with a fine vanilla flavor combined with an almond praline layer popping with caramelized, excitingly fizzy blue poppy seed. It’s all covered in a delicious milk chocolate with a 40% cacao content.

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Peanut Crunch “with Salt”

Dark Chocolate filled with peanut praline and whole peanuts

Peanut party: whole peanuts, roasted and lightly salted, dunked in a homemade, airy peanut praline created from peanuts and pure cocoa butter, accompanied by a hint of white chocolate and covered in dark, fine flavor chocolate with classic 70% cocoa. A chocolate that would sweeten even Charlie Brown’s day!

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Yuzu Citrus

Milk Chocolate filled with Yuzu citrus ganache

Part tangerine, part lime with a wicked flavor of sun-ripened tangerines – that’s Yuzu, the top chefs’ new trendy ingredient. We use white chocolate, Yuzu juice from Japan, lovely tangerine and a bit of lemon juice to create a fruity, refreshing chocolate ganache that tastes like summer sun, and...

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Sun Flower & Golden Cherry

Dark chocolate filled with golden cherry marzipan and sunflower nougat
Vegan Spirit: Enjoy homemade sunflower praline made from fresh roasted sunflower seeds, white rice couverture, and pure cocoa butter for the fine melt. In addition, a soft fruit layer of fair traded ripened golden cherries, which stayed on the tree until they became perfectly sweet. As soon as they get processed, they darken. We blend it with a bit of marzipan, and the golden cherry layer becomes fluffier and softer. Then it gets covered in dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content, which offers first-class cocoa pleasure.

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Lime and Passion Fruit

Dark Chocolate 70% filled with sweet potato-passion fruit- and polenta-lime ganache - contains alcohol

The chocolate for true aficionados: inspired by the creative Peruvian cuisine we are pairing the wonderful creaminess of sweet potatoes and corn as a base with the cheery and colorful fruitiness of limes and refreshing bursts of passion fruit. Enrobed in a sumptuous dark chocolate whose cacao flavors balance the fruit in the filling.

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Dates & Cashew

100% Cacao filled with dates and cashew praline

Sweetened with dates. Pure fruit and nut cacao energy, vegan and using a delicious sugar alternative. The coat is 100% cacao, without any additional sugar, but this creation still boasts plenty of sweetness due to the filling made from selectedsweet dates, which seduce with a creamy softness and a luxurious melt. It’s topped with a thin layer of tender-melting cashew praline, sweetened only with pure date syrup.

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Milk Chocolate with pistachios, marzipan and almond praline- contains alcohol

Caution – risk of addiction! Pistachios, enjoyable as a delicious double: First processed into marzipan and mixed with aniseed tea, then garnished into the almond-praline base layer and encased in aromatic dark milk chocolate.

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Zotter 04 red gift box

A nice and beautiful gift-box which can hold 4 hand-scooped or Labooko bars. Includes a clear plastic cover.

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Zotter 04 red gift box

A nice and beautiful gift-box which can hold 4 hand-scooped or Labooko bars. Includes a clear plastic cover.

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