Set “I love you, Mom” in ivory gift box


Show your love and appreciation for your mom with our handpicked gift set.

Packed in an ivory gift box with a clear cover. 


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"With Love"

Dark Coconut Couverture with raspberry coconut filling

Coconut milk couverture with raspberry-coconut filling – An affectionate composition made from raspberry chocolate, raspberry fruits, desiccated coconut and genuine vanilla. Lovingly covered in coconut and milk chocolate - the ultimate taste kick!

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For the Most Amazing Mom Ever! - Red Roses + Raspberries

Milk Chocolate 40% filled with rose marzipan and raspberry ganache

A berry and flowery chocolate to warm your Mom's heart: a fragrant and soft rose marzipan made with almond marzipan, rose oil, and rosewater is placed on top of a tempting red raspberry fruit ganache, made with real raspberries and delightful raspberry couverture. The gorgeous color and fruity flavor are derived entirely from natural berries. The lovely creation is coated in sweet milk chocolate with a 40% cacao content.

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"Thank You"

Caramel Milk & Coffee candy bar

Caramel Milk
A sweet bar tasting seductively of caramel bonbons. The milk is first caramelized, which gives the bar its delicious bonbon flavor. It also contains lots of precious cocoa butter, mountain milk from Austria’s Tyrol region, Muscovado sugar, which has a natural caramel flavor, and...

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Zotter 03 ivory gift box

A nice and beautiful gift-box which can hold 3 hand-scooped chocolates or Labookos.

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