Cheery & Nuts Set 1 in ivory gift box


Surprise your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or boss with a Zotter Chocolate Gift Set filled with 3 delicious chocolate bars. Included bars are listed below.

Packed in an ivory gift box with a clear cover. 

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Strawberry + Cashew

Strawberry candy bar and cashew praline with cashew pieces

Fine strawberries flirting with tender cashews: on the outside, a pink strawberry couverture, smelling seductively of fresh strawberries, its stunning color derived from the berries alone, and with a refreshing dash of lemon. On the inside, a tender-melting praline made from freshly roasted cashews, which we create, nut-to-bar, at our chocolate factory. Produced in-house from the original nut to the finished product and featuring lots of crunchy bits of cashew and pure cocoa butter.

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Blueberry + Hazelnut

Blueberry candy bar and hazelnut praline with hazelnut pieces

Dive into the deep blue: on the outside, a dark purple blueberry couverture made from wild blueberries, which can be distinguished from cultivated ones by the fact that they stain everything blue. Its tender-melt comes from pure cocoa butter, and it’s enhanced with a refreshing dash of lemon. On the inside, a fabulous hazelnut praline with exquisite cocoa butter melt, a mild, supporting raw cane sugar sweetness and lots of freshly roasted chopped hazelnuts.

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Apricot + Pumpkin Seeds

Apricot candy bar and pumpkin seed praline with pumpkin seed pieces

Love the Styrian way: a fruity, yellow apricot couverture on the outside, its genuine flavor derived from fruit alone, and a tender-melting classic green pumpkin seed praline on the inside, with lots of freshly roasted chopped pumpkin seeds. Pure cocoa butter ensures a deliciously fine melt.

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Zotter 03 ivory gift box

A nice and beautiful gift-box which can hold 3 hand-scooped chocolates or Labookos.

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