Gift set: “Hand-scooped Experimental”


A fabulous gift set designed with experimenting in mind!

Four exciting Zotter hand-scooped flavors in a beautiful gift box with a clear cover! 

Included bars are listed below. For a detailed description of each bar, please click on it.

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Caramel + Lemon

Caramel couverture filled with butter caramel ganache and almond praline with lemon

The fruity caramel chocolate: A classic, soft caramel layer that tastes fabulous stirred with butter. Combined with an almond nougat layer, which is refined with a little white chocolate and as a highlight, many crunchy lemon fruit pieces are added. Fantastic tension between fruity-sour, crunchy lemons and soft, sweet caramel. An exciting creation topped with homemade, candy-sweet caramel coating.

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Lime and Passion Fruit

Dark Chocolate 70% filled with sweet potato-passion fruit- and polenta-lime ganache - contains alcohol

The chocolate for true aficionados: inspired by the creative Peruvian cuisine we are pairing the wonderful creaminess of sweet potatoes and corn as a base with the cheery and colorful fruitiness of limes and refreshing bursts of passion fruit. Enrobed in a sumptuous dark chocolate whose cacao flavors balance the fruit in the filling.

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Seaweed + Caramel + Pineapple

Dark Chocolate filled with seaweed caramel and pineapple ganache

Unique: a flavor adventure to try if you want to experience something extraordinary. A fruity pineapple chocolate ganache, refreshed with a dash of lemon, meets seaweed ca...

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Saffron and Pistachios

Milk Chocolate filled with pistachio marzipan and saffron - contains alcohol

Handpicked becomes hand-scooped. A saffron ganache which makes us once again believe in miracles is created out of the stigmas of the crocus saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. Spread onto homemade pistachio marzipan and surrounded twice by a milk couverture with 40% of cocoa

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Zotter 04 ivory gift box

A beautiful gift-box which can hold 4 hand-scooped, Cheery & Nuts, or Labooko bars. Includes a clear plastic cover.



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