Do you love all things chocolate? If gourmet chocolate is your go-to sweet treat, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to expand your horizons with a Discovery Pack from Zotter Chocolate. Our Discovery Packs are designed to showcase a unique array of flavors with cocoa beans and other exceptional ingredients sustainably sourced from around the world. You know you love chocolate, so why not treat yourself to something special from one of the most innovative chocolate producers in the world?

What kinds of gourmet chocolate are in a Discovery Pack?

Discovery Packs come in several sizes, and each one has something unique in store. All Discovery Packs include our distinctive hand-scooped chocolates, which are carefully constructed layer by layer with bean to bar chocolate, nuts, berries, nougats, liqueurs, and other fillings that perfectly complement our carefully selected, fair traded cocoa beans. Larger Discovery Packs also feature a selection of Labooko chocolate bars, which are single source chocolate bars that showcase the distinctive characteristics of cocoa beans from different regions of the world. Every pack offers something for everyone with a mix of white, milk, and dark chocolates.

How are Discovery Packs shipped?

To ensure that your chocolate arrives intact and ready to eat, we offer a no-melt guarantee on all our products. Each Discovery Pack is shipped with cooling packs and requires a signature upon delivery, so you won’t open up a box of melted chocolate bars. Every bar is wrapped with a beautiful label complete with drawings by Andreas H. Gratze and packed into a special gift box, making for a perfect presentation to treat yourself or someone you love. 

How do cocoa beans from around the world differ in flavor?

One of the best things about buying a Discovery Pack is the opportunity to try single source chocolate bars from around the world. Visit Belize, Nicaragua, Brazil, or Madagascar, all without leaving your house! Cocoa beans from different regions feature various notes of fruit, vanilla, and other unique flavors that reflect the rich soils and lush surroundings where they are grown. 

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