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Strawberry Dessert with vegan White Brittle Chocolate

Strawberry Dessert with vegan White Brittle Chocolate

Today I would like to introduce you to a dessert in which vegan white brittle chocolate is being used. This strawberry chocolate dessert is wonderfully creamy and hides a filling of crispy almond brittle and rice flakes inside. This combination is prepared as a fluffy chocolate cream in connection with freshly cooked strawberries is like a dream. […]

What Makes Zotter Chocolate Better than the Rest?

Zotter Chocolate. Dark bitter chocolate chunks. Chocolate background

Every piece of Zotter Chocolate is made with great care and consideration. From start to finish, we make our chocolate in a unique way that’s better for the environment and your taste buds! Fair Trade We purchase fair traded cocoa beans directly from small farms. We do this for many reasons: to help preserve local […]