Welcome, chocolate lovers! Get ready to embark on a sweet journey from bean to bar, revealing the magic behind crafting our beloved hand-scooped chocolate. In this process, an ordinary cacao bean transforms into a taste sensation that dances on your tongue, be it a robust whisky chocolate, a tangy raspberry chocolate, or an indulgent tiramisu chocolate bar. 

We’re thrilled to pull back the curtain on this mesmerizing process. We promise, by the end of this, you’ll be wrapped up in the world of chocolate as much as we are. Get ready to drool, folks!

The Mesmerizing Process of Hand-Scooped Chocolate Making

1. The chocolate is rolled out on 15 meter long tracks

The journey of hand-scooped chocolate begins with the cacao beans being sorted, roasted, and ground into a smooth paste. Depending on the final recipe of the chocolate, this paste is then mixed with ingredients like sugar, milk powder, and cocoa butter to create a rich and creamy chocolate mixture.

2. A thin chocolate layer is brushed onto the entire track

Next, the chocolate is poured onto long tracks measuring 15 meters in length. These tracks are designed to cool the chocolate evenly and allow it to solidify into a thin layer.

3. The thin chocolate layer is topped with the filling

Once the chocolate has solidified, it’s time to add the fillings. This is where the creativity of chocolate making comes into play. From nuts and fruits to spices and liqueurs, a wide variety of ingredients can be used to create unique flavor combinations. These fillings are then layered on top of the chocolate, creating a tantalizing treat for your taste buds.

4. Each filling is prepared from scratch and made by hand

The fillings themselves are also meticulously hand-crafted. Whether it’s roasting nuts, cooking fruits into a jam, or infusing alcohol with spices, each filling is prepared from scratch using high-quality ingredients.

5. At the same time, on a different track a fine pumpkin seed chocolate is created

As the hand-scooped chocolate is being crafted, another track may be producing a different type of chocolate. This could be a pumpkin seed chocolate, where seeds are hand-picked and roasted before being mixed into the chocolate. This process showcases the versatility and endless possibilities of hand-scooped chocolate making.

6. The filling is covered in a thin layer of chocolate

Once the final layer of fillings have been added, they are coated in a final layer of chocolate to seal in the flavors and create a beautiful finish. These chocolates are then left to cool and harden before they go into the next stage of production.

7. The long chocolate sheets are cut into bars

But the journey doesn’t end there. Once the layering is done, the long sheets of chocolate are cut into bars, ready for their chocolate bath.

8. The fillings have to dry for 2 days and then the bars take a chocolate bath!

Before being packaged and sent off to shelves, the hand-scooped chocolate bars go through one final step – a delicious chocolate bath! This process involves dipping the bars into melted chocolate, giving them a smooth and shiny finish. And while it may seem like an extra step, this ensures that every bite of our hand-scooped chocolate is pure perfection.

9. The bars are finished and ready to go!

Now that you know the mesmerizing process of hand-scooped chocolate making, it’s time to try some for yourself! With endless flavor combinations and a labor of love behind each bar, there’s no doubt that hand-scooped chocolate is truly the best. So go ahead, treat yourself or your loved ones to this delicious delicacy, and savor every bite.

Tips for Tasting High-Quality Hand-Scooped Chocolate

  1. Savor the moment: Before digging in, take a moment to admire the craftsmanship of the chocolate bar. Look at its glossy surface and deep dark brownish color.
  2. Smell the aroma: Bring the chocolate close to your nose and take a deep inhale. High-quality chocolate will have a rich, complex scent. You might be able to pick up additional notes such as nuts, fruits, or spices depending on the variety.
  3. Taste slowly: Allow the chocolate to slowly melt in your mouth, savoring its flavor and rich texture. 
  4. Identify flavors: Try to identify the different flavors that unfold as the chocolate melts. A high-quality hand-scooped chocolate will have a complex flavor profile that evolves over time.
  5. Pair with beverages: Experiment with pairing your chocolate with different beverages. Some chocolates go well with coffee or red wine, while others might pair better with tea or a good whisky.
  6. Repeated tastings: Your palate may need time to develop and appreciate the complex flavors in high-quality chocolate. Don’t rush – savor and repeat. With every tasting, you might discover a new flavor note you hadn’t noticed before.

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