Chocolate is derived from the seeds of cacao fruit, meaning that it’s a plant-based product that’s naturally vegan. However, many chocolate treats—including most chocolate bars—are not vegan due to the addition of milk. Still, there are chocolate options that vegans can enjoy. In fact, as plant-based diets become more common, more chocolate makers are experimenting with different flavors and chocolate creations that are free of milk and other animal products. If you’re on the lookout for vegan chocolate, consider the following. 

Dark chocolate is vegan-friendly. 

When you need a vegan-friendly chocolate fix, dark chocolate is a safe bet. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa solids, cane sugar, and in some cases, cocoa butter. If you want a bold chocolate experience without the sweetness, you can purchase chocolate bars that are 99-100% cocoa solids. These offer a pleasant bitterness with the fullest expression of distinctive flavor notes in different cocoa beans—for example, Peruvian dark chocolate is known for notes of red berries, grapes, and roasted nuts. Dark chocolate with lower concentrations of cocoa solids in the 70-80% range will offer more smoothness and sweetness from the addition of sugar and cocoa butter. 

There is a growing popularity of creative vegan chocolate confections. 

There has been a surge in the production of plant-based foods as more people switch to a vegan lifestyle to reduce their environmental impact or improve their health. As a result, chocolate makers have been experimenting with new flavors and formulations for plant-based chocolate bars. For example, Zotter Chocolate offers a variety of our unique hand-scooped chocolates that are 100% vegan. These feature fruits, nuts, and liqueurs in a variety of distinct layers for unforgettable flavor combinations.

If you are in search of vegan chocolates made with fair traded cocoa beans and organic ingredients, Zotter Chocolate has a wide selection to choose from. Visit our website or find our chocolate bars in fine retailers throughout the U.S.