62% Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate 62%

Conching time: 16 hrs.

A sweet, dark single-origin chocolate created with cacao from Zorzal in the Dominican Republic. Our connection to Zorzal is the belief that great things can come from chocolate. Zorzal is the first private bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic. The nature reserve extends over 412 hectares of land, and 70% of that has been designated to remain wild rainforest. The cacao is grown and harvested directly within this nature reserve. And Zorzal also cooperates with neighboring farmers who are actively included in the project and supply their own cacao. As a result, cacao is an ideal conservation tool: it thrives as a mixed crop and is traditionally well suited to wild harvesting. Enjoy this first-rate Caribbean island cacao which we turn into delicious dark chocolate with a 62% cacao content. A sweet treat that protects Mother Nature.

Fragrance notes: nutty caramel

Taste notes: very mild and sweet, chocolatey with notes of walnut, caramel, and pickled cherries

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