“Fun Flavors” – Hand-scooped Chocolate Gift set


A FUN collection of four of Zotter hand-scooped bars sure to excite even the most bored taste buds! Includes a beautiful Zotter gift box with a clear cover.

Included bars are listed below. For a detailed description of each bar, please click on it.

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Strawberry Pistachio

Milk Chocolate 50% filled strawberry marzipan and pistachio almond praline

The chocolate flirt: a fruity strawberry layer, made with plenty of strawberries and soft marzipan, is placed on a tender and tender-melting almond praline. It is enhanced with a touch of white chocolate and some chopped pistachios. This chocolate will lift your mood, just like that summer anthem you keep humming all season. It's dipped in milk chocolate with a 50% cacao content.

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Wild Berries with Vanilla

Milk Chocolate filled with wild berries ganache and vanilla ganache

A shooting star. The very idea of a fruity filling consisting of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with genuine vanilla for the finishing touch before slipping under a milk chocolate couverture creates a tickling feeling. Top fruit chocolate! ”It couldn’t be better!“

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Peanut Crunch “with Salt”

Dark Chocolate filled with peanut praline and whole peanuts

Peanuts two ways: a super soft, homemade peanut butter with an earth-shattering flavor, combined with a delicious peanut praline layer, enhanced with salted bits of chopped peanuts. It’s all covered in dark chocolate with a classic 70% cacao content. A chocolate that would sweeten even Charlie Brown’s day!

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Poppy Seed & Cherry

Milk Chocolate filled with cherry mousse and almond praline with caramelized blue poppyseeds
Mister Poppy Seed is flirting with Miss Cherry. We filled this bar with cherry cream, almond nougat, and caramelized blue poppy seeds. The caramelized blue poppy seeds pop in a layer of almond nougat. In addition, the pink cherry filling made from preserved cherries, cherry couverture, soft marzipan, and a touch of vanilla is tempting. It is covered in milk chocolate with 50% cocoa content. A great pairing!

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Zotter 04 red gift box

A nice and beautiful gift-box which can hold 4 hand-scooped or Labooko bars. Includes a clear plastic cover.

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