When you purchase chocolate, an important feature to look for on the label is Fair Trade verification through the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Fair traded chocolate is produced under humane, sustainable conditions that are better for the planet and better for people. Zotter Chocolate is proud to be a Guaranteed Member of the WFTO, and we take our commitment to fair trade practices one step further by paying well over the world market price for our cocoa and purchasing directly from our suppliers to ensure complete traceability and the utmost quality of our raw materials. Continue reading for a closer look at the WFTO and the important work they do in ensuring accountability and sustainability in businesses throughout the world.

What is the World Fair Trade Organization?

The World Fair Trade Organization is a global community that verifies businesses that fully practice fair trade. They are essentially an umbrella organization that monitors compliance of Fair Trade Principles, including fair pricing, transparency, environmental stewardship, and the rejection of child labor, among other important practices. 

How do businesses become members of the WTFO?

WTFO upholds stringent guidelines for members to achieve and maintain their verification status. Guaranteed Members have been verified through peer reviews and independent audits to practice the 10 Principles of Fair Trade across their entire business, including supply chains and production facilities. WTFO operates in 76 countries and includes more than 1,000 social enterprises and 1,500 shops that have consistently demonstrated a commitment to put people and planet first in everything they do. 

Not all chocolate is made alike, and with Zotter Chocolate, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the best possible product produced with practices you can feel good about. Treat yourself to sustainable, organic, fair traded chocolate by shopping in our online store.