If you are looking for a great dish to bring along to a holiday potluck or something to wow your guests at your own holiday party, consider serving chocolate as part of a snack or dessert board. Almost everybody loves chocolate, so it is a perfect addition to any holiday spread. Plus, chocolate pairs with a wide range of other foods and beverages, so it will fit into any party theme. If you are thinking about serving chocolate for your holiday guests to enjoy, follow these tips. 

Select High Quality Chocolate

The holidays are a time to splurge and indulge in the finest foods and drinks. Therefore, you shouldn’t skimp on quality when you purchase your chocolate. Zotter Chocolate is made by one of the most innovative chocolate producers in the world. Every bar is made with fair trade verified cocoa that’s processed from bean to bar entirely within our Austrian chocolate factory. Any of our chocolates, from our Hand-Scooped Chocolates to our Balleros to our Labooko pure chocolates, are sure to impress your guests.  

Serve at the Right Temperature

Chocolate is like fine wine—it deserves to be enjoyed at an ideal temperature to bring out the most subtle, nuanced flavors within. Different varieties of chocolate have unique recommended serving temperatures. Serve dark chocolate at about 77 °F, milk chocolate at 72 °F and white chocolate at 68 °F. You should avoid storing chocolate in the refrigerator and keep it away from extremely warm environments where it may melt. 

Offer Tasty Pairings 

Chocolate is, of course, delicious on its own. However, as part of a holiday feast, it is best served alongside other foods that will help fill up your guests and delight their palates. Consider serving chocolate along with artisan cheeses, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, or bite-sized desserts like shortbread cookies.

Stock up on the best chocolate for your holiday festivities with Zotter Chocolate. Browse our online store for a huge selection of products, or search our website for a retailer near you that stocks our products.