You might have heard of organic chocolate bars, but it can be difficult to understand what exactly that means. When you read the packaging of an organic chocolate bar, it usually doesn’t contain many details about what “organic” and “fair trade” really mean. There’s a lot that goes into it, but it all comes down to the ingredients, where they came from, and how they were grown. Let’s explore the organic ingredients we use here at Zotter Chocolate.

Organic Cocoa Beans and Raw Cane Sugar

Cocoa beans and sugar are the two main ingredients needed to make delicious chocolate. At Zotter Chocolate, we only use organic cocoa beans and raw sugar cane that we purchase directly from small farms. In addition to preserving local cultures, using organic ingredients elevates the flavor of our chocolate because we don’t use preservatives or artificial flavoring.

Using fair traded ingredients is very important to us, too. We don’t want to contribute to the exploitation of labor that’s all-too-often involved in the chocolate making process. We want farmers to have fair wages and good working conditions, which is why we only use fair trade ingredients.

Cocoa Butter and Milk from Alpine Farms

Our choice to exclusively use organic, fair traded ingredients is all part of our mission to make quality chocolate in a sustainable way. That’s why we use cocoa butter instead of palm oil, ensuring we don’t contribute to the deforestation related to palm oil production. We also use milk from alpine farms, which is a more humane and sustainable option than factory farms.

Genuine Bourbon Vanilla and Extra Ingredients

Depending on the specific chocolate bar we’re making, we also add other delicious ingredients to the mixture. The genuine Bourbon vanilla that we use in our chocolate is the second most expensive spice in the world. We always use quality ingredients, simply because they are worth it! All of these ingredients really make a difference in the flavor of our products, so try Zotter Chocolate for yourself today.