Not all chocolate is made alike, and it’s not just the flavors that vary. Cocoa sourcing makes a big difference not only in the quality of the finished chocolate product, but also for the environment. Cocoa is a product that’s in-demand around the world. As a result, a global marketplace has favored rapid production designed to limit consumer costs. However, this system of production doesn’t consider the environment or the communities surrounding farms where cocoa is grown. Fair trade chocolate, on the other hand, is designed to be more environmentally and socially sustainable, so it’s a product you can feel good about consuming. 

Fair trade chocolate allows farmers to move away from mass production for a global market. 

With fair trade chocolate, chocolate producers purchase cocoa directly from farmers. These relationships allow farmers to prioritize practices that emphasize the quality of cocoa in smaller farming setups—for example, fair trade cocoa farms reduce the use of harmful herbicides that can contaminate local water sources. Instead of trying to overproduce to meet a high-scale demand, farmers can produce a higher quality product with a more sustainable yield year after year. They can also favor farming practices that are better for their local environment. 

Farming communities are enriched by fair trade programs. 

Another key feature of fair trade practices is paying well over standard global rates for bulk cocoa. This allows farming communities to grow and thrive, which in turn creates a generational tradition of growing cocoa. In addition, cocoa farmers are invited to visit factories where their cocoa is processed and turned into consumer goods. This forms a deeper connection between farmer and finished product, building a more personal relationship between grower and manufacturer. 

Zotter Chocolate is committed to sustainable, fair trade cocoa sourcing that allows us to produce the highest quality chocolate available. We are a green company constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment so that future generations can continue to enjoy our carefully crafted artisan chocolates. Learn more about our higher standards and our bean to bar chocolate production on our website. Taste the difference these standards make by shopping for our chocolates in our online store