Are you the type of person who can’t seem to ever get enough chocolate? We know the feeling! That’s why we created our chocolate subscriptions, which deliver a selection of sweet treats to your door each month. And because everything is from our selection of fair traded, bean to bar chocolate, you know you’ll only be indulging in the finest chocolate bars with every new pack. Here’s a closer look at the perks of our chocolate subscription packages. 

Try Something New Each Month

Variety is the spice of life, so why not try something new every month? Our subscriptions come in several sizes, so you can get just enough chocolate to satisfy your own sweet tooth or enough to share with friends and family too. We also offer the option of having your chocolate subscription delivered every other month rather than monthly, so you can indulge without overdoing it. 

With any subscription, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of chocolates from our various collections, including our famous Hand-Scooped Chocolates, Labooko pure chocolate bars, In-Fusion chocolates, Classic Chocolate, and even our Drinking Chocolate. 

Save on Chocolate Delivery

If you find yourself craving Zotter Chocolate often, you can save big with a subscription. Each month, you’ll save on delivery costs compared to our regular shipping. 

Find New Flavors to Love 

We’re always trying out new flavor combinations here at Zotter Chocolate, and a chocolate subscription is the perfect way to explore those flavors and find some new favorites. If you prefer vegan or dairy free chocolate, we have vegan chocolate subscriptions available! 

If you’re ready to start a chocolate subscription for yourself or as a gift for someone special, visit our online store and place your order. Simply order once and your subscription will be sent out monthly—or every other month—automatically.