When you purchase gourmet chocolate, there are a few key identifiers you want to look for to ensure that you’re buying the highest quality chocolate available. One quality to look for is whether chocolate is produced from bean to bar. Zotter Chocolate is one of few European chocolate producers that meets this qualification—read on for a closer look at why it’s so important and what it means for our finished products. 

Complete Processing In-House 

Bean to bar production means that all aspects of chocolate production are done within the same facility, and thus controlled by a single chocolate maker. With large-scale chocolate production, different processing tasks may take place in factories across the world from each other, resulting in a finished product with varying quality. 

Chocolate is a lot like fine wine, and every step that the cacao undergoes to become chocolate influences how the final product tastes. When the milling, roasting, and conching all take place in one facility, chocolatiers can ensure that the unique flavor notes of each cacao variety are enhanced and nurtured throughout each step of the production process. 

Direct Cacao Sourcing 

Here at Zotter Chocolate, we favor bean to bar production because we carefully source all our cocoa directly from fair trade verified farms in growing regions around the world. This ensures that we are beginning our process with the best possible raw materials, which are then paired with other high-quality, organic ingredients to yield the most amazing chocolate creations we can imagine. 

Zotter Chocolate’s Austrian production facilities employ about 240 people who are passionate about great chocolate. Taste the difference that bean to bar production makes with our selection of finely crafted chocolates, available to ship anywhere in the U.S. We offer an exceptional selection of products in our online store, and there’s always something new to discover.