With the fall season in full swing, there’s nothing like sitting by a roaring fire pit in your favorite sweater with a warm drink in hand. Drinking chocolate is the perfect fall beverage for those chilly fall nights when you just want to curl up with something cozy. If you’ve never experienced a cup of drinking chocolate for yourself, treat yourself this season to a cup brewed from Zotter Chocolate’s delicious flavors of drinking chocolate. 

What is drinking chocolate?

The Mayas and Aztecs were among the first people to harvest and consume chocolate, and they enjoyed it in a liquid form as a bitter beverage called Xocolatl. Although modern drinking chocolates are a little sweeter, they still embody the richness and complex cocoa aromas of their ancient predecessors. Unlike common hot chocolate, drinking chocolate is made from chocolate bars that are melted into a cup of hot milk and stirred with a whisk—they’re never in the form of a powdered drink mix. 

How do you serve drinking chocolate?

To brew the perfect cup of drinking chocolate, gently heat and froth your favorite variety of milk—alternative milks are ideal for a vegan drinking chocolate variation. Pour the hot milk into a mug with a bar of drinking chocolate. Let the chocolate bathe for 1-2 minutes, and then whisk. Then, let the drinking chocolate rest for another 1-2 minutes so the flavors can fully bloom. Now you’re ready to enjoy!

What makes high-quality drinking chocolate?

Just like any other high-quality chocolate, drinking chocolate should be organic, fair traded, and crafted from bean to bar. The first ingredients listed on the package should be cocoa mass, rather than sugar or powdered milk. 

Enjoy an array of flavors of drinking chocolate from Zotter Chocolate to unwind on those crisp fall evenings. Drinking chocolate is also the perfect after dinner beverage following holiday meals. Browse our selection of bean to bar drinking chocolates in our online store.