Cocoa beans are grown in tropical environments throughout the world, including in South America, Africa, Central America, and Asia. Cocoa from each of these regions has unique characteristics and distinctive flavor notes that are influenced by their surrounding environments. Indian chocolate boasts a rich flavor profile that shines in dark chocolate bars produced from bean to bar for the truest expression of its intense flavor notes. 

A Lush Growing Region

Indian cocoa beans grown in the country’s Malabar Forest come from a lush, water-rich environment in the Kerala region. Grown among a variety of spices and herbal plants, these beans take on herbaceous and fruity characteristics. 

Rich Depth of Flavor 

Thanks to the unique surroundings where Indian cocoa beans are grown, Indian chocolate offers intense aromas and flavor notes with fruity accents. Subtler notes of caramel, marzipan, and spice are also noted in Indian chocolate. 

Bean-to-Bar Movement 

India’s chocolate farmers are on the forefront of the bean-to-bar movement with many smaller, family-run farms thriving throughout the nation. Environmental protection, small batch processing, and careful growing practices are all hallmarks of the Indian chocolate movement. 

Bean-to-bar production preserves the distinctive flavors and aromas of Indian chocolate, as this process ensures that cocoa is conched, roasted, and fermented to the exact specifications that these beans demand for optimal quality. As Indian chocolate gains more recognition in the global marketplace, the quality and volume of chocolate from Indian plantations is continuing to grow. 

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