Want to share the artisan creations of Zotter Chocolate with someone who doesn’t love chocolate? Looking for something new to satisfy your sweet tooth with something new and different? Our Cheery & Nuts collection offers a delightful selection of fruity handmade candy that is sure to satisfy. 

Handmade Candy – Fruit to Bar 

Cheery & Nuts bars are created with the same care and passion as our chocolate bars. They are made fruit to bar with bright and flavorful fruit candy on the outside and homemade praline inside. We are highly selective about where we source our fruit to ensure exceptional quality and intense flavors in these unique bars. Dried fruit is blended with cocoa butter, sugar, and other flavors to create a luscious candy exterior that melts in your mouth. Just like our other products, Cheery & Nuts bars contain as many organic* and fair traded ingredients as possible.

Fruit to Bar

Homemade Praline 

Inside a melty, fruity exterior lies a layer of rich, homemade praline packed with crunchy nuts and seeds for satisfying texture and flavor combinations. Just like our fruits and chocolates, our nuts and seeds are carefully sourced from sustainable farms around the world.  

Exceptional Flavor Combinations 

Explore flavor combinations from around the world with the different bars in our Cheery & Nuts collection. Blueberry & Hazelnuts capture the iconic flavors of the Pacific Northwest while Passion Fruit & Brazil Nuts will send your taste buds on a tour of the Amazon. With six flavors in the collection, there is something for everyone to love. 

Shop Cheery & Nuts bars along with our classic chocolates, Labooko pure chocolate bars, and our iconic hand-scooped chocolates in the Zotter Chocolate online store. We deliver quality right to your door with our no-melt guarantee. Be sure to check our store often, as there are always new creations coming out of our kitchen! 

*All our products containing dairy won’t carry the USDA Organic Seal anymore, as there is an exemption in the organic equivalency agreement between the U.S. and the EU when it comes to the use of antibiotics. While in the U.S.an animal which has been treated with antibiotics cannot be used in the production ever again, the EU allows a certain wait time until the animal can be used again for the production of dairy. It still means our products are 100% organic certified in the EU, but they are not in the U.S.