Zotter Chocolate has always been dedicated to producing the finest chocolate available, melding the highest quality ingredients with innovative and creative flavor combinations to delight our customers. However, our brand has transformed significantly over the years. As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to perfect our process and expand our reach, so we can bring exceptional chocolate to more people around the world. Here is a look at some of the highlights of our brand’s history.

1987: The Zotter Brand Is Created

In 1987, Josef Zotter opened a confectionary shop that made its mark by producing some truly odd and unique creations that earned the Zotter name regional fame in Graz. By 1992, Josef had invented our now famous Hand-Scooped Chocolate. 

1999: Our Chocolate Factory Is Opened

Eventually, the Zotters decided to pivot entirely to chocolate production and opened the Zotter Chocolate factory. 

2007: Our Chocolate Factory Goes Bean to Bar

In 2007, we made a monumental shift in our chocolate factory, expanding our facilities to implement bean to bar production. This gave us much more control over the production process of our carefully sourced, organic, fair trade cocoa beans. During this same year, we opened our Chocolate Theatre to allow visitors to observe our production process firsthand—and try chocolate at various phases of the process. 

2011: Our Edible Zoo Is Opened

Our Edible Zoo is a 27 hectare adventure farm, which is part of a larger 90 hectare organic farm and pasture where many of our ingredients are sourced. This interactive attraction was opened to the public in 2011 and features a variety of sights and activities for visitors to enjoy.

2015: Zotter Comes to the U.S. 

In 2015, Zotter launched our first American retail shop along with a warehouse in Florida, which serves as the distribution facility for our online sales and wholesale in the U.S. 

2017: Zotter Welcomes the World’s First Choco-Robots 

With a constant commitment to innovation, Zotter Chocolate was happy to welcome the world’s first Choco-Robots to our factory in 2017. These robots were created not to replace human workers, but to improve safety and efficiency and pave the way for more customized chocolate production with one-of-a-kind products designed directly by consumers. 

Throughout the history of Zotter Chocolate, one thing remains unchanged: our commitment to producing exceptional chocolate creations. Shop in our online store to find your new favorite chocolates and have them shipped directly to your door. You can also find select Zotter Chocolates at high-end retailers throughout the U.S.