Cocoa beans are grown in several regions of the world, and many chocolate lovers know that different varieties of beans yield different flavor notes. Here at Zotter Chocolate, we are fortunate to maintain partnerships with cocoa farmers in Central and South America, Africa, and India. With chocolate sourcing from several areas of the world, we provide a unique array of different chocolate bars that cater to a wide variety of preferences among chocolate connoisseurs. Keep reading for a closer look at how chocolate varies based on the region it’s sourced from.  

Growing Conditions

Cocoa grows in rainforest regions with tropical climates, but different growing regions provide specific conditions that impart unique qualities into cocoa beans. For example, Ecuadorian chocolate is known for floral characteristics thanks to the mixed crops found in cacao farms throughout the Manabí Province. 

Flavor Notes

Unique growing environments yield varying flavor notes in single origin chocolates. Some offer notes of bright fruit flavors, like cherry and raspberry, while others boast a rich depth of flavor with notes of coffee and spice. Exploring these flavors through different varieties of single origin chocolate bars can expand your palate and help you identify your favorites. 


While all cocoa is processed with the same basic steps, each variety of chocolate benefits from specific times and techniques for fermenting, roasting, and conching. The chocolatiers at Zotter Chocolate have perfected the art of processing cocoa beans from each of our partners from around the world, so we can deliver the truest expression of their unique flavors in our bean to bar chocolates. 

Discover an array of chocolate varieties from around the world with Labooko single origin chocolate bars from Zotter Chocolate. Our Contest packs put two varieties with the same cocoa content side by side, so you can compare their distinctive flavor notes.