Chocolate and fruit make for a natural pairing. Who doesn’t love a chocolate covered strawberry or a slice of candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate? But why do these foods pair so well together? Cacao is grown in tropical climates around the world, and different soils and environmental conditions yield unique flavor varieties. More than 600 varieties of cacao are produced today, and each has a distinctive bouquet—many of which include notes of fruit. Pairing cocoa with real fruit amplifies these flavor notes, creating a delectable tasting experience you’ll want to enjoy again and again. Here’s a closer look at the fruits that pair best with chocolate. 


When you think of chocolate fruit combos, berries may be the first fruits that come to mind. Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and cranberries all pair beautifully with chocolate because they offer a hint of tartness to offset sweeter flavor notes in the chocolate. 

Citrus Fruits

Another classic chocolate fruit pairing is citrus fruit and chocolate, specifically orange blended with dark chocolate. The sweetness of oranges is a perfect complement to the bitter notes of dark chocolate. However, it’s not just orange that pairs well with chocolate. Lemon, lime, and even exotic citrus fruits like yuzu can bring out the brighter flavor notes of high-quality cocoa. 


The sweet, tart, and juicy flavor of mango is well-suited for pairing with chocolate. As a tropical fruit, mango is grown in many of the chocolate producing regions of the world, so it’s only natural the two would taste so delicious together. Because mango does tend to be on the sweeter side, it is best paired with dark chocolate for a balanced, complex flavor. 

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