When you order chocolate online, you want to be sure that the company’s process for shipping chocolate will protect it during transit. You definitely don’t want to unbox fancy chocolates only to find they have arrived in a melted lump. At Zotter’s Chocolate, we have a no-melt guarantee that protects you from damage to your chocolate during its route. Read on to learn more.

Handling High Temperatures When Shipping Chocolate

We ship our chocolates from Florida, USA. In order to protect your order while shipping chocolate across the country, we’ll wrap your chocolate in double bubble thermal foil. We then add an ice pack to the package. This protects your chocolate in transit, guaranteeing that when you sign for it, it will be melt-free.

What You Can Expect When Your Chocolate Arrives 

In order to take advantage of our no-melt guarantee, you must choose “signature required” when you check out on our online store. We don’t want your box of chocolate to be sitting at your front door for hours in the sun, so we do require that you’re home when it arrives so you can get it into a temperature-controlled environment right away.  

What You Can Do if There’s a Problem

If you do experience a problem and your chocolate is melted on arrival, reach out to our customer service team. We want each and every customer to have an amazing experience when it comes to buying and shipping chocolate around the country. Just email a photo to [email protected] that clearly shows that the chocolate arrived melted and we’ll reach out to you to find a solution. 

If you’re looking for high-quality chocolate for any and every occasion, visit our online shop. We specialize in tasty milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and drinking chocolate. You can even order personalized chocolate bars, or one of our Discovery Packs, which contains a variety of different types of hand-crafted chocolate bars. We also have vegan chocolate and no-added-sugar chocolate.