Well-made chocolate bars offer much more than a sugar rush. They boast an array of distinctive, fruity flavor notes that are best enjoyed through the tasting tips below. As tempting as it is to bite right into your favorite chocolate bar, try these strategies instead to get even more enjoyment out of the experience. 

Keep your chocolate bars out of the fridge. 

Chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place so it doesn’t melt. However, the fridge is simply too cold for chocolate. The ideal serving temperature for most chocolate bars is room temperature—about 72 degrees. At cooler temperatures, chocolate may lose its tempered sheen, and the subtle aromas you’re searching for may be lost. 

Smell, then taste. 

You’ve probably heard the expression that you eat with your eyes, but with chocolate, you might say you eat with your nose. Before you savor chocolate on your tongue, take a sniff to introduce your palate to the complex aromas within. Our sense of taste is closely linked to our sense of smell, so capturing the bouquet with your nose first will prime your taste buds for that first piece of your chocolate bar—it’s a lot like tasting a fine wine. 

Don’t chew your chocolate; let it melt.

You may have noticed that most chocolate bars are scored to make them easy to break into small, bite sized pieces. There’s a good reason for that. Chocolate isn’t meant to be bitten or chewed. It should be broken into small pieces and then allowed to melt slowly to let complex flavors unravel on your tongue. Once the chocolate has melted, avoid the temptation to immediately reach for another piece or take a sip of water. Chocolate has lingering flavors that can stick around for a few minutes after you’ve eaten—enjoy this long finish to get the most out of every chocolate bar you try.  

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