If you love chocolate, you may think you’ve had just about every type of chocolate bar out there. However, you may still find yourself wowed by Zotter Chocolate’s hand scooped chocolate bars, which are a cut above your average chocolate confection. Made with bean-to-bar chocolate we create in-house, hand scooped chocolates involve a careful layering process with a variety of delectable ingredients that pair perfectly with the subtle flavor notes of our fair trade sourced cocoa beans from around the world. Each bar takes at least two days to come together and showcases a unique, original flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

A Unique Layering Process Designed by Josef Zotter

Josef Zotter invented the hand scooped chocolate with a desire to create something different for chocolate lovers to savor. Every bar begins with careful layering of our organic chocolate spread thinly over 15 meter tracks. The moment the chocolate cools down, it is topped with a selection of handmade ingredients, including marzipan, jellies, and caramel. Depending on the recipe, bars may later be topped with nuts, dried fruits, or chocolate flakes. Another thin layer of chocolate is spread over the top, and then the whole slab is cut into 70 gram bars. After resting for two days, these bars are bathed in a final layer of chocolate. Each one is wrapped in beautiful packaging featuring the drawings of Andreas H. Gratze, making them ready to give as gifts—although you’ll want to keep them for yourself!

Distinctive Flavors Featuring Handmade Ingredients

Julia and Josef Zotter create each flavor of hand scooped chocolate, including favorites like Cola & Popcorn; Cherries & Pumpkin Seed Marzipan; Tangerine, Matcha & Coconut; and Wild Berries with Vanilla. One flavor may have up to six layers of ingredients, which are all prepared from scratch with the same care and attention as our chocolate. Up to 30 different flavors are made in a day.

Want to indulge in our hand scooped chocolates to experience the difference for yourself? Order from our online shop with free shipping on orders of $49 or more with a no-melt guarantee! All Zotter Chocolate is organic and fair trade, produced in Austria, and shipped directly from the warehouse in Cape Coral, FL to the U.S.