Who doesn’t love receiving chocolate as a gift? It’s one of those presents you can give to almost anyone, and they’ll love it. Chocolate gifts are great for many special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more.

Even though it might seem simple to gift someone chocolate, it can get a bit complicated when you have to get it shipped and the weather is hot. Keep reading for some helpful tips on giving chocolate as a present!

Giving Chocolate Gifts in Person

You’ll want to make sure the chocolate doesn’t break or melt before you give it away. Store it in a safe, cool place before the special occasion so the chocolate stays in great condition.

When you’re on your way to deliver the gift, it’s best to avoid putting it in a big bag, purse, or backpack. That would risk the chocolate getting knocked around and possibly damaged. If it’s hot outside and you have to drive a long distance to give the chocolate gift, try to keep the vehicle’s AC on and keep the chocolate out of direct sunlight so it doesn’t melt.

Shipping Chocolate Gifts

When getting chocolate gifts shipped, make sure to order from a reputable company. If possible, choose a shipping option that has a no-melt guarantee, which will require the recipient to sign for the package. It’s also a nice touch to get gift packaging with the order.

At Zotter Chocolate, we offer individually created wrappers and beautiful gift boxes to make each chocolate gift unique. We also offer shipping with a no-melt guarantee so you can rest assured the chocolate will arrive in great condition. Visit our online store to surprise your loved one with a delicious chocolate gift they’re sure to enjoy!