White chocolate doesn’t look or taste like chocolate – so what exactly is it? That depends on which company you get it from. White chocolate can be made from many different ingredients, so let’s explore the various ways it can be made.

How Others Make White Chocolate

Many companies make white chocolate out of cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, milk fat, and lecithin (an emulsifier that holds all the ingredients together). However, a lot of products labeled as white chocolate are made from palm oil, vanilla flavoring, and other low-quality ingredients. 

How We Make White Chocolate

We do things much differently here at Zotter Chocolate. We start with cocoa butter from a producer in the Netherlands that makes cocoa butter out of organic, fair traded cocoa beans. Then we add real Bourbon vanilla and raw cane sugar from Madagascar, whole milk powder from Tyrolean organic mountain farmers, and roll the mixture until roller powder is created. After that, we refine the roller powder in a conche for around six hours until the texture is nice and smooth. 

how zotter makes white chocolates

Why Our White Chocolate Isn’t White

Our white chocolate is 35% cocoa butter. Since cocoa butter is a pale yellow color, our white chocolate looks that way as well. We also use premium Bourbon vanilla, which adds to the yellow color.

Zotter white chocolate

We offer several different white chocolate bars to let our customers explore the depth of flavor in real white chocolate. Browse our online store today to treat yourself or a loved one to a real white chocolate bar. You might never go back to standard white chocolate again!