Here at Zotter Chocolate, we strive to create some of the best chocolate bars and other chocolate confections in the world. That all starts with sourcing high-quality cocoa from the many cocoa growing regions around the planet. Josef Zotter has made it his mission to source fairly traded ingredients from certified organic production facilities*. The result is better tasting chocolate that elevates your experience when treating yourself to any of our products, from our single-origin Labooko bars to our uniquely delicious Hand-Scooped Chocolates. Continue reading for a closer look at where our cocoa comes from and why that makes such a big difference for our products. 

Direct Farm Relationships

Since 2001, Josef and the Zotter Chocolate team have regularly visited farms in cocoa growing regions in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic, Congo, Togo, and Madagascar. We only partner with select growing cooperatives that maintain the high standards of quality and fair working practices that yield a better flavor in every variety of cocoa we purchase. Our farmers know exactly who they are working for and where their product ends up. This type of direct trade allows greater quality control for our bean to bar production while supporting the autonomous growth and development of our partners. 

Fair Pricing Model

We believe in paying fair prices for a superior product, which is why we pay well over the global market rate for our cocoa. However, this added expense is not a handout. It is an investment in farms and their surrounding communities that enriches the loves of those who help us maintain our reputation for exceptional quality. By facilitating sustainable growth and social programs within these communities, we can count on better harvest qualities and optimized production of the cocoa we need to continue our own growth. 

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*All our products containing dairy won’t carry the USDA Organic Seal anymore, as there is an exemption in the organic equivalency agreement between the U.S. and the EU when it comes to the use of antibiotics. While in the U.S. an animal which has been treated with antibiotics cannot be used in the production ever again, the EU allows a certain wait time until the animal can be used again for the production of dairy. It still means our products are 100% organic certified in the EU, but they are not in the U.S.