Our power is still not back at the warehouse, but we expect it to be back any day now. If not – we will have the option to move our shipping operations temporarily to Norman Love Confections, who generously offered his help yesterday! Because of this, we decided to request the delivery of our most recent restocking order from Austria and the flight is booked! It is scheduled to arrive on Monday 10/17/2022 in Miami and then it has to go through Customs and get a FDA release (usual process). As soon as this is done we will receive it and can start restocking.

We expect having chocolate back by the end of next week! Yay!! ♥ Not sure exactly where it will be, but we will handle this!

The other good news is, that we now also know – no matter what – we will be able to fulfill all the Advent Calendar preorders! Since we feel comfortable with fulfilling, and we have a few days left on the original preorder schedule, we opened the shop today. Those who reached out to us and wanted to preorder Advent Calendars can now do so! Preordering closes on Sunday, October 16th at noon. You can do it directly here: Advent Calendar Preorders

We want to say thank you to all those who reached out to us! We got an incredible amount of messages, emails, comments on social media and all those donations that helped us to keep payroll going – we can’t thank you enough for this! We love our chocolate loving fans and customers. Thank you ♥