Saturday, October 1st 2022

Dear Zotter customers, friends, fans and chocolate lovers! We are very sorry to inform you that we were directly hit by Hurricane Ian and won’t be able to fulfill any orders for an uncertain amount of time. We are located in Cape Coral, Florida, in the heart of Southwest Florida. Hurricane Ian had a devastating impact on our area. Luckily all of us survived and we are coping with this catastrophic event. Please be patient with us. We have spotty internet and phone connectivity and it wasn’t possible to post an update until today.

We are sorry for not replying to emails, messages, phone calls over the past couple of days. We’ll try to catch up as soon as possible.

We will refund all the open orders. For all the Advent Calendar Pre-Orders, we should know better within the next few weeks if we will be able to fulfill them or not or if we will have to refund all of those as well. We’ll keep you posted. We will have to make the final decision on October 16th.

Our warehouse roof got damaged, and all the chocolate will be victim of the Florida heat and humidity. At the time when this happened, we had 17,000 bars of chocolate stored in our warehouse. We were able to stop another incoming shipment before the Hurricane arrived to prevent even more possible loss.

This hits us in our most important time of the year where we make about 60% of our business and this is a hard hit for us, besides of coping with the damages to our homes and we don’t even know if everyone we know is o.k. or not. We don’t have a full overview yet. There is no power, communications are on and off.

We kindly ask for your patience and support. We will be back, but we don’t know yet when. If you want to support us financially, we definitely are thankful for that, as our employees won’t have a place to work now and we wish to not add some extra financial burden on them. Support us directly on gofundme